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How to Get From Zurich Airport to Bern: Best Travel Options

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If you’re a visitor to Zurich, knowing the best ways to get around can help you save a lot of money and maximize your options. There are various means of transportation that can take you from Zurich Airport to Bern. 

Here, we’ll share the options that are safest, most convenient, and affordable. This will help you make the best choice so you can enjoy your trip to Bern. We’ll also share tips on the best sights to see and places to visit in Bern to give you the most enjoyable stay. 

Let’s get started. 

Travel from Zurich Airport to Bern by train


Taking the train is one of the most affordable and efficient choices of all the travel options available. The train trip from Zurich Airport to Bern is 128km (about 1 hour 15 minutes long), and there are no stops between Zurich and Bern. To get from Zurich Airport to Bern, you have two train options with direct connections. They are the IC1 and IC8. 

These trains are available interchangeably every 20 to 40 minutes. A one-way ticket to Bern from Zurich costs about CHF 25 for adults and CHF 13 for children aged 6-16. 

You can purchase a ticket from the ticket machines within the Airport, at the SBB ticket counters, or online. The first train arrives at 5:00 am, and the last train arrives at 11:45 pm. To get to the Zurich to Bern station, look for the signs within the airport or ask the airport staff. 

Travel from Zurich Airport to Bern by taxi

This is another travel option for you if you’re keen on convenience. You can get a Zurich Airport taxi to get you to Bern at a more expensive rate, but you get to enjoy the comfort of your private space. The taxi drivers are always on time since they monitor your flight for arrival. They are well-trained and don’t charge above the local, regular taxi prices. On average, taking a taxi from Zurich Airport to Bern costs CHF 330. It’s easy to spot a taxi, as they are black or white, and carry the classic black and yellow taxi roof sign. Your trip will take about 90 minutes.

Private transfers and private shuttle services from Zurich Airport to Bern

This is the most luxurious travel option and also the most expensive. Private transfers and private shuttle services offer you the most convenience and style. This option is best if you’re traveling to Bern on a business trip or holiday trip as it is reliable and will take you directly to your destination. 

A private limousine service from Zurich Airport to Bern costs about CHF 440, but you get to enjoy a relaxing, stress-free trip. With the private transfer or private shuttle options, you can select from a range of vehicles, including limos, buses, or minivans, based on your preference. The trip takes about 1 hour 35 minutes.

Where to stay in Bern

As a visitor in Bern, finding the best locations to make the most of your stay may be challenging. Altstadt, the Old City, is one of the most exciting places to stay if you’re keen on historic sites and adventures, although it is a little expensive. On the other hand, if you’re looking for quiet and affordable, Am Pavillion B & B at Stadtbach or Innere Enge at Engeried are great options.

Where to eat in Bern


There’s always somewhere to enjoy a nice meal in Bern, depending on your preferences. Pittaria is an exciting restaurant with Middle-Eastern cuisine you’ll love, while Äss-Bar Bern serves the most delightful collection of pastries and baked foods. Da Rina und Da Nino will delight your taste buds with Italian delicacies, and The Butcher serves the finest burgers you’ll come to love!

Events and festivals in Bern

Festivals and events abound in Bern based on when you visit. The Bern Carnival is usually held in February or March, while the Bern International Jazz festival is held from March to May. Gurtenfestival takes place in July and is a famous music festival in Switzerland. At Christmas, Bern Christmas Markets is one of the famous events, and it runs from November to December. 

Switzerland Travel Pass

You can travel all around Switzerland by public transport once you hold the Swiss Travel Pass. It’s more than just a ticket, but a free pass to enjoy and visit most of Switzerland’s many sights, including over 500+ museums, get up to 30% discount at train stations, travel unlimited on boat, bus and train, and many more. It’s the ideal travel companion for visitors, and you can buy a pass that lasts between 3-15 days.

Public transportation in Bern

The most popular means of public transport in Bern are trams and buses. You can buy tickets at Bern main stations or in the LIBERO shop, but never on the bus or tram. The ticket machines will tell you the routes your ticket is valid for.

Best time to visit Bern

Between April to September are the peak times to enjoy your stay in Bern. It’s highly recommended because it’s late spring, which means longer days and enjoyable weather. Summer, which is around August, is also pleasant enough for a visit.