Limousine Transfer in Zurich

Our distinctive limousine service in Zurich and Basel sets us apart. We offer a unique and unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in luxury. Transform each ride into a memorable encounter to be treasured.

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    Luxury Limousine Service in Zurich

    Our limousine service in Zurich goes beyond mere transportation. We offer a harmonious fusion of elegance and convenience.  Is it corporate functions or leisurely getaways? Traserbas guarantees your journey matches the excellence of your destination.

    Zurich Limousine Service

    Payment Methods

    Select from straightforward cash transactions directly to the driver’s secure on-site credit card payments:

    Credit Card Directly to the Driver
    Credit Card Directly to the Driver

    This option lets you settle your fare effortlessly upon reaching your destination. It ensures a seamless and convenient transaction process for your limo Zurich experience.

    Cash Directly to the Driver
    Cash Directly to the Driver

    Enjoy the convenience of seamless transactions through this payment option. Safely and securely pay your fare directly to the driver using your preferred credit card.

    Credit Card in Advance with Email Link
    Credit Card in Advance with Email Link

    Choose our credit card payment in advance. Receive a secure email link to facilitate a swift, stress-free payment process before your journey begins.

    Cost of Renting a Limo in Zurich

    Price: CHF 880
    Total time: up to 8 hours
    Price: CHF 990
    Total time: up to 10 hours
    Price: CHF 1090
    Total time: up to 12 hours

    Limousine Transfer in Zurich for

    Financial Roadshows

    Ski Transfer

    Events Transportation

    Airport Transportation

    Financial Roadshows

    Embark on business ventures effortlessly with our customized limousine transfer in Zurich. Navigate financial roadshows with an unmatched style, comfort, and punctuality blend. Our skilled chauffeurs guarantee you leave a lasting impression. It conducts your business affairs with the utmost sophistication and professionalism.

    Ski Transfer

    Enhance your ski experience with our premier limo Zurich assistance. Effortlessly reach the slopes, savoring a scenic journey in the lap of luxury. Traserbas redefines how you approach winter escapes. It ensures your transportation is as memorable as your time on the slopes. Enjoy a seamless blend of comfort and sophistication for an unforgettable skiing adventure.

    Events Transportation

    Leave a lasting impression at events with us. Our limousine service in Zurich ensures your stylish arrival, making a memorable impact on every occasion. Are there corporate functions or social soirées? Our fleet becomes your ticket to sophistication and grandeur. We elevate your presence and ensure you stand out with unparalleled style.

    Airport Transportation

    Efficiency and reliability are the hallmarks of our assistance. Enjoy stress-free airport transportation with Traserbas from touchdown to takeoff. We guarantee comfort and convenience. It enables you to focus on your journey without concerns about logistics.

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    Why Choose Our Limousine Service in Zurich

    Select Traserbas for unparalleled luxury in Zurich. Our limousine assistance boasts the best drivers, transparent and fair rates, and flexible hourly or full-day rental options.

    Fair Rates

    Our commitment to openness distinguishes us. Revel in our competitive and just rates for the outstanding limo Zurich assistance. We prioritize integrity and transparency.

    No Upfront Payment

    Reserve now for an unparalleled transportation experience. Traserbas is the epitome of limousine service in Zurich and Basel, committed to surpassing expectations in every ride.

    The Best Drivers

    Trust in the unmatched expertise of the industry’s finest drivers. Professional chauffeurs surpass the ordinary, redefining excellence to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

    Hourly or Full-Day Rental

    Tailored flexibility is our forte. Choose between hourly or full-day rental, guaranteeing a chauffeur at your assistance. Traserbas seamlessly adapts to your limo Zurich schedule.

    24/7 Support

    We prioritize your convenience above all else. Enjoy the advantages of round-the-clock customer support, ready to assist whenever needed. We guarantee a responsive support system.

    Our Other Services in Switzerland

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