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Exploring Things to Do in Switzerland at Christmas

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Step into a unique winter dreamland! Switzerland during Christmas is nothing short of a gorgeous paradise. It offers a fascinating adventure that captures the very essence of the vacation season. In this article, we’ll accompany you on a tour of the myriad of things to do in Switzerland at Christmas. The air is fresh, and the landscape is blanketed in pristine snow. That setting becomes an excellent stage for merry quests. 

Are you a seasoned local or a curious traveler? There’s something enchanting for all visitors. You can start by strolling through charming towns adorned with shimmering rays. Then try the delicious Swiss treat. You’ll feel that the holiday spirit is in full swing here. Toasted chestnuts, lively markets, and the scent of mulled wine create a sensory delight. Embrace the joy of snow sports or snuggle up by a relaxing fire – the choice is yours. Join us as we unwrap the treasures that make Switzerland at this period an exceptional destination.

When is Christmas in Switzerland?

This one is a much-anticipated holiday. So, when is Christmas in Switzerland? People mark it on the 25th of December each year. The nation turns into a snowy paradise, dressing its landscapes in beautiful attire. This date, December 25th, holds special significance for Swiss families. They come together to exchange gifts, enjoy hearty meals, and make indelible moments.

This time here is more than just a day. It’s part of a larger holiday season that often begins with Advent in, belatedly, November or earlier December. In this period, you’ll find beautifully decorated fairs and markets scattered all over the country. They present handmade arts, seasonal goodies, and a prospect to soak up the celebratory spirit.

Swiss customs at this time of the year vary by region and language. Yet some common elements include the lighting of Advent candles, the singing of carols, and the display of nativity scenes. Many regions here also prepare parades and processions that are a joy to watch.

For individuals, exploring Switzerland during Christmas is a wondrous opportunity. They can see the country’s vast cultural legacy and the warmth of its people. So, are you seeking an excellent gift at a market or indulging in local delicacies? Maybe you want to admire the snow-capped Alps simply? This place promises a truly unfading memory. There are tons of things to do in Switzerland at Christmas. Save the date, December 25th, and get absorbed in the loveliness of this ground amidst the holidays!

Where to go in Switzerland for Christmas

Where to Go in Switzerland for Christmas

Switzerland during Christmas is a magical spot. Arranging your getaway to this place is an exquisite venture in itself. The entire country comes alive with a cheerful spirit. It offers an array of thrilling locations and pursuits to explore during this special time of year. From bustling cities adorned with sparkles and glow to tranquil mountain villages blanketed in snow. It has something to delight any tourist. 

In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the most scenic and lively sites to see around the merry season. We’ll help you determine where to go in Switzerland for Christmas. You can’t wait to see classic Christmas markets? Do you like to appreciate spectacular natural sights and comfy alpine vibes? This place has it all to make your vacation dreams come true. So, prepare your toasty winter wardrobe and get set to launch on a memorable trip!


Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city. It is a fascinating locale to discover the celebratory joy. The city has an abundance of joyful proposals to appreciate. Zurich’s central train station holds the prominent Christkindlimarkt. It’s an event loaded with sparkles and stalls. Here you can find a variety of handmade gifts and delectable treats. Strolling along Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most exclusive shopping streets, is a must at this period. It is adorned with pretty embellishments that create a positive aura.

The city’s avenues and yards come alive with a celebratory mood. Another one of the things to do in Switzerland at Christmas is stop by Zurich’s ice skating rinks. It’ll definitely add to the winter magic. Zurich for couples during the holiday season provides an enchanting backdrop for romantic moments, making it an ideal destination for a couples’ getaway.


Geneva is another superb alternative for adopting holiday energy. This cosmopolitan metropolis mixes tradition and elegance. Geneva’s avenues are adorned with cheerful embellishments. A major element is the fair at Lake Geneva. Here you can stroll through charming booths while relishing the spectacular panoramas of the Alps in the backdrop.

The Jardin Anglais in Geneva is famous for its iconic L’Escalade celebration in early December. It marks a historic event in the city’s past. Here, you’ll witness colorful illuminations and festivities. They’ll definitely transport you back in time. 


If you’re looking for some exciting things to do in Switzerland at Christmas, Montreux is a perfect spot. This precious townlet has one of the greatest markets in the country. It’s an ideal place to soak up the celebration mood. It converts the lakeside promenade into a gorgeous Merry Hub. It presents over 150 chalets. Here you’ll find unusual presents, unusual ornamentations, and tasty treats. The surroundings are fascinating. It’s filled with live melodies and street concerts.

To reach this magical spot easily, you can always use Traserbas car services.


Basel is famous for its authentic and lively festivals. Still, contemplating where to go in Switzerland for Christmas? Basel stands out as a spot steeped in custom and pleasure. The city’s Christmas fair in Barfüsserplatz is a true gem. Here you can uncover artisanal arts and regional products. 

The city’s historic old townlet has a variety of adornments. The Rathaus (Town Hall) changes into a giant advent calendar. It unveils a new window each day in December.

Switzerland during Christmas

Switzerland During Christmas: Winter Wonders 

As winter blankets the country in a shimmering white, it takes on a magical allure. It captivates the hearts of all who visit during this fascinating time. The area presents idyllic vistas and timeless traditions. Going to this spot is akin to stepping into a storybook. Each corner there reveals a new wonder. It presents everything possible for a flawless getaway. It all starts with the sensational Christmas fairs and radiant ornamentations. To the moving customs and feasts. 

Beyond the urban charms lie the snow-covered slopes of the Alps. It invites ice sports fans to partake in compelling adventures and explore the natural beauty. Switzerland during Christmas is a place that promises to complete precious memories. Here, you’ll kindle the soul of the season. So, join us as we unwrap the wonders of this place in the most wondrous period.

Traditional Extravaganzas

Swiss customs are rich and diverse. Advent calendars, Advent wreaths, and lighting candles on Advent Sundays are common customs. St. Nicholas, known as “Samichlaus,” visits on December 6th.

On Christmas Eve, families gather for a meal that often includes fondue or raclette. Afterward, they exchange gifts around the Christmas tree. In some regions, the “Chlausjagen” tradition involves people dressed as St. Nicholas.

Winter Sports and Mountain Beauty

There are so many things to do in Switzerland at Christmas for sports lovers. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and snowshoeing are just a few possible pursuits. Resorts like Zermatt and Verbier provide excellent slopes and cozy alpine villages. Engadin allows cross-country skiing or horse-drawn carriage rides.

Welcoming the New Year

Christmas celebration seamlessly transitions into New Year’s festivities. Cities like Zurich and Lucerne host spectacular fireworks displays. They illuminate the night sky with a kaleidoscope of colors. Joining the locals in these festivities is a fantastic way to ring in the new year.


So, visiting Switzerland during Christmas is a special occasion. You’ll explore a compelling mix of cheerful practices and astonishing panorama. There’s no shortage of holiday joy to be uncovered. You can wander through the mesmerizing fairs in Zurich and Geneva.

Try out an assortment of customary dishes. Whether embracing the spirit of St. Nicholas or taking to the slopes in Zermatt, this country is the top choice in this timeframe. For those desiring a seamless journey to their holiday destination, Traserbas services provide a convenient and comfortable option.

Navigating the Swiss Alps during the winter season can be challenging. With Traserbas, you can relax and enjoy the scenic ride to your chosen Christmas destination. Our professional drivers and well-maintained vehicles ensure a safe and stress-free journey. We’ll allow you to focus on making the most of your holiday.


Switzerland boasts a rich tapestry of Christmas traditions that vary by region, but some popular ones include:

  • Advent Celebrations.
  • Samichlaus and Schmutzli.
  • Fondue and Raclette.
  • Christmas Markets.

During Christmas in Switzerland, the weather is typically cold and snowy, especially in the higher regions and Alpine areas. The temperatures can vary depending on the specific location and altitude, but you can expect temperatures ranging from around freezing to below freezing.

Switzerland is known for observing Christmas as a public holiday on December 25th. On this day, most shops, restaurants, and attractions are generally closed. However, some Christmas markets, tourist sites, and selected restaurants may remain open, particularly in larger cities and tourist destinations. It’s advisable to check ahead of time and plan your activities accordingly.

Unique gifts and souvenirs to buy during Christmas in Switzerland include Swiss watches, chocolates, handcrafted ornaments, and Swiss cheeses like Emmental and Gruyère, often packaged in decorative boxes.

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