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Things to Do in Zurich for Couples

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Zurich: the city of love. It’s located in Switzerland, a country rich in romance, making it perfect for couples. You can discover things to do in Zurich for couples. It’s concise but informative. We focus on romance because this city is brimming with it. Romantic spots are everywhere, making it an ideal destination for a journey together. See Zurich in a new light, bathed in love.

Your visit has a purpose – a romantic getaway, and Zurich won’t disappoint. Expect experiences filled with love. This guide is your map. Let’s embark on this journey. We promise you, that Zurich is worth it – a city that adores love. Experience it together with your partner. It’s a special vacation. Enjoy Zurich, the capital of romance.

Romantic Places in Zurich for Couples

The city itself stands as a cultural hub, boasting a plethora of romantic venues. Imagine Zurich Lake – a picturesque sight. The city is perfect for relaxation and, of course, for romance. We’ll tell you about exquisite places, ones that many tourists mark as treasures of the city. Each one is a romantic gem.

Zurich Lake is the beginning. There are other places, each with its own story – a love story. Become a part of it. Zurich welcomes everyone, especially love-struck guests. It’s a city that you can fall in love with, both with the city itself and with each other. Let’s delve deeper. The journey continues.

Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden in Zurich, a gracious gift bestowed by the town of Kunming, stands as a tranquil oasis of beauty and serenity. This garden serves as a testament to Chinese culture. It’s adorned with inscriptions and paintings that reflect the rich heritage of Yunnan. The garden’s serene ambiance endows it with the distinction of being one of Zurich’s foremost romantic havens. Here, couples can savor strolls surrounded by the captivating embrace of nature. It’s a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city landscapes. While there may not be many of these in Switzerland, they do exist nonetheless. 

Fraumunster Church

Fraumünster Church commands respect with its exquisite architectural grandeur. You should definitely explore its wonderful 13th-century stained glass windows. The atmosphere carries a lasting imprint of Marc Chagall’s creativity. The combination of architectural and historical significance gives the church a special aura. It makes it the essence of a romantic getaway. You should make sure to visit it; otherwise, your experience might feel incomplete.


Bürkliplatz has a lot to offer. Here, you’ll find, for instance, a boat pier. The bustling market is also quite interesting to explore. It’s a popular venue for events. Don’t miss the artistic hub where artists often gather. Enveloped by the breathtaking panorama of the Alps, it stands as an idyllic setting for a romantic interlude. Thus, one of the things to do in Zurich for couples is a visit to Bürkliplatz. It is, in fact, an indispensable highlight of their itinerary.

Mühlesteg Bridge

The Mühlesteg Bridge is adorned with steadfast love locks, establishing it as a hallowed sanctuary for romantic souls. The opportunity to visit the fashionable city of Switzerland is available to everyone. Zurich is also the largest among those within the country. You can forever link this bridge with your memories. Right there, you can symbolically seal the immortality of your relationship, and this is done with padlocks

Grossmunster Church

On the banks of the Limmat River stands the magnificent Zurich Minster. It was built in the Romanesque style, with its historical roots dating back to the 1100s. This iconic monument has seen countless tales of enduring love. Climb the grand staircase to the top of the tower, where panoramic views of distant Alpine peaks unfold. They will serve as a stunning backdrop for your declaration of eternal devotion. 

Romantic places in Zurich for couples

Date Ideas in Zurich

Need some date ideas Zurich? The city is perfect for it. There’s a personalized touch to romantic strolls, and we’re here to guide you, to show you what couples can do. Your imagination is the limit, and there are plenty of things to do in Zurich for couples here. Architectural marvels abound, and each one is a sight to see.

Nature adds its own charm. It adorns Zurich and makes the city even more attractive than others. It’s the blend of architecture and nature, the combination of love and beauty. Zurich is like a canvas; you can paint your love story on it. The city is ready, are you? Start your journey. A love-filled adventure awaits.

Zurich Thermal Baths & Spa

Thermal baths and spas in Zurich. These were a brewery, and today, they are one of the main relaxation spots for couples. Anyone who visits will have unforgettable experiences. The heart of this establishment is the open-air thermal pool located on the rooftop, recognized as its main attraction. This exquisite feature offers a rejuvenating experience that enhances the romantic atmosphere. We recommend it to all the couples in love. It’s a great way to put Zurich to the test. 

Boat Ride to Rapperswil

Embarking on a boat excursion to Rapperswil presents an exceptional and one of the most romantic from whole date ideas Zurich. During the boat trip, passengers are served with snacks and drinks. It lasts for about one hour and forty minutes. This maritime journey offers a unique view of both cities, allowing couples to relish the beauty of the landscape. The wind plays with your hair, and the Alps stand on the horizon. There’s nothing better than this, especially when we’re talking about Switzerland. 

Date ideas in Zurich

Convenient Transportation with Traserbas

Traserbas is a name in Zurich, a private transportation company serving both tourists and locals. They offer a variety of vehicles, including sedans, minivans, and luxury cars. Traserbas guarantees comfort and convenience. It’s a reliable name that many vouch for, and it comes with a good reputation that reviews confirm.

Getting around Zurich is easy with Traserbas. It’s dependable and efficient, making your Zurich journey smoother. Traserbas is part of the Zurich experience, adding to your comfort and convenience. It’s a part of your love story. Many people speak of this company’s good reputation, and many reviews confirm it. Trust Traserbas and enjoy Zurich.

Airport Transfers

Traserbas specializes in transfer services in Zurich. Everything about the airport, they are masters. The company keeps track of the arrival time of flights. This ensures a quick pickup after landing. It also eliminates the need for long waits. This service is especially valuable for couples. You arrive in Zurich and it saves you the hassle. You don’t have to search for public transportation. By some metrics, a private company is less expensive than even a cab.

City Transfers 

Traserbas is expanding its offerings by providing city transfer services. This ensures travelers can move around Zurich with ease. They also travel to various destinations across Switzerland. This option is beneficial for couples who wish to explore different regions. You won’t need to rent a car or figure out your travel plans. A guide to things to do in Zurich for couples will assist you with these arrangements. That’s why this type of transportation service is highly valued in the country. 

Business Transfers 

Businessmen traveling with their families can benefit from this company’s services. Traserbas lends a helping hand when you are in Switzerland. They offer customized solutions for business transfers, allowing you to attend meetings on time. If your company has organized a corporate event, the driver knows where to go.

Private Tours

Traserbas expands travelers’ options by providing private tours. These tours are ideal for couples looking for a personalized experience. Guests can select from various excursion choices, including tours of Zurich or trips into the Swiss Alps. You can also explore other Swiss cities. Experienced drivers lead these tours and offer captivating commentary about the visited places.


Zurich is a dream, a place of wanderlust. It combines nature, culture, and cuisine all in one. You can enjoy breathtaking views, immerse yourself in its rich culture, and savor delicious dishes. It’s a culinary adventure, and the opportunities for exploration are endless. Every turn is a new discovery. Observe a lot of things to do in Zurich for couples. It is a city of romance.

Zurich is a place for solitude, a beautiful solitude. It promises unforgettable moments, moments filled with love. Zurich is waiting for you and your loved one. Pack your bags and embark on this romantic journey. Get to know Zurich, its beauty, its romance. It’s all here, in Zurich, the city of love.


Yes! Visit here some of the most beautiful romantic places in Zurich, which are appreciated worldwide as the best. There really are plenty of romantic places and activities for the two of you to enjoy here.

The Zurich city center is located in the center of the beautiful city and is just 6 kilometers away from Zurich Airport.

The main points of attraction for couples in Zurich include Lake Zurich, Rietberg Museum, Fraumunster Church, Altstadt, and the Mühlesteg Bridge.

The Old Town (Altstadt) is one of the best areas to stay in Zurich. You can also plan your stay around Districts 2, 4, and 8 which are some of the other good options.

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