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Things to do in Zurich, 8 Recommendations

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  • Published: 15 March, 2021
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A few days in Zurich? Discover things to do

Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland, is one of the beautiful cities of Switzerland which have a lot to offer to the people. It does not matter if you like hiking or natural sceneries because Zurich is blessed with every beauty that one can imagine. Irrespectively, from many things that one can do in Zurich, here are some eminent things that one must do in Zurich.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is one of the most famous lakes in Switzerland and a place that you must visit in Zurich. Not only this lake is stunning to watch but also this lake has different things to offer. One can take the breathtaking walk along the shore to get the feeling of tranquillity and feel nature. Here you can also see a number of yachts strolling around. This walk may start from Bellevue and end at Tiefenbrunnen after 3 kilometres. This network of walkways was designed in the 1880s, which makes it more fun to explore.

Zurich Zoo

If you’re travelling with family or you personally have a great interest in animals and other creatures from jungles, you must pay a visit to Zurich Zoo. Because It has a number of habitats that makes you acknowledge the diversity of creatures in the world. The Zurich Zoo meats the highest standards. Nonetheless, The animals are not just caged but also provided a sufficient space to roam around and make themselves at home. The Zurich Zoo has almost 4000 animals which represent nearly 340 species.


Furthermore, Uetliberg is a beautiful mountain on the Swiss plateau which has a height of around 870 meters. It is yet another one of the most attracted site for visitors. The popularity of this mountain is associated with its ability to provide a fabulous view of the whole city. It takes just 25 mints on the train from the central city, to reach near to the top of the mountain. Henceforth, it is not even difficult to get a pleasant view of the beautiful city, Zurich.

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Limmat Cruise

If you are travelling between April and October you can take the pleasure of Limmat Cruise.
In this period cruises are available and the trip can be made in the day timings. The trip through Limmat Cruises is worth doing as it provides you with a unique view of Old Zurich. Furthermore, the old Zurich is one of the most beautiful places in the city as it provides traditional and customary sculptures. The scenes of Grossmünster and Fraumünster are also visible in a different prism with the Limmat Cruise.


Fraumunster church is one of the most ancient and historic churches in Zurich. If you like hopping into historic places and feel and appreciate the creativity of your ancestors, this is the place that you must pay a visit to. Moreover, the church was founded in the 9th century and most of its architecture is from the 12th and 15th century.

FIFA World Football Museum

Are you obsessed with football? If yes, you are going to love this museum of FIFA in the Enge quarter which opened in 2016. Whatever you may think of the game, you are going to love the place for sure. Moreover, the exhibition takes you back to the earliest days of Fifa and preserves the history in a marvellous way.

Zürich Opera House

In addition to other places to visit, another place that must be visited in Zurich is the Zurich Opera House. The beautiful crafter neoclassic opera house brings you back to the mindblowing architectural capabilities of the architects of the 1890s, Fellner and Helmer. The Zurich Opera House is gathering fame and appreciations from all over the world on a regular basis. Additionally, it was also picked for the Best Opera Company awards in 2014.

Outdoor Swimming

Any leisure is incomplete without a good amount of swimming. If you’re in Zurich, you can go swimming in the city’s rivers and lake Zurich to taste the impeccable quality of water. However, Frauenbad is Stadthausquai are for only women and if you, being a male, want to enjoy swimming you can go to Schanzengraben.

Urania Sternwarte

If you have even a cent of interest in astronomy, you are going to love Urania Sternwarte. Being a fan of the star, and an appreciator of nature, you can reach central Zurich to get closer to the stars. Moreover, The Urania observatory is a 164ft high building with a telescope that allows its visitors to enjoy the beauty of stars, moon and different planets closely. The telescope provides you with magnification of more than 600 times. Public tours, in this regard, are held on Friday and Saturday irrespective of the weather. However, the tours of children are held on the first Saturday of each month.

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