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Things to Do in Interlaken

Discover Interlaken’s stunning beauty in the Swiss Alps. This guide invites you to explore this charming town and things to do in Interlaken. It is situated between Lakes Thun and Brienz, surrounded by the iconic Jungfrau peaks. Interlaken serves as a gateway to thrilling outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. It caters to both adrenaline seekers and those seeking peaceful lakeside moments. Whether you prefer snow sports or serene landscapes, Interlaken offers something for everyone.

Join us as we unveil diverse activities. They make Interlaken an appealing destination for those wanting to experience Switzerland’s wonders. Immerse yourself in nature, adventure, and cultural richness. Create lasting memories in Interlaken’s unique charm. This article will guide you through the myriad activities that define the allure of Interlaken. 

Things to Do in Interlaken

Scenic Interlaken Village View

Interlaken is a beautiful Swiss town located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It has lots of things to do for people who want adventure or just want to relax. The town is surrounded by amazing mountains like Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, making it a perfect place to enjoy nature and exciting activities.

Start your adventure by taking a nice walk along the Höheweg, a pretty street with flowers and sculptures. Enjoy the stunning views of mountains and lakes as you stroll around. You can also go on a boat cruise on Lake Thun or Lake Brienz to see the beautiful Alpine scenery reflected in the clear water.

If you love excitement, Interlaken is a paradise for adventure sports. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Interlaken. Try paragliding to fly in the sky and see the snowy mountain peaks. Or, if you prefer staying on land, experience canyoning by navigating through narrow gorges, jumping off cliffs, and rappelling down waterfalls.

For a special experience, take a train or cable car to Jungfraujoch, known as the “Top of Europe.” It’s at a high elevation, surrounded by snow, and has the Aletsch Glacier below. Explore the Ice Palace carved into the glacier and enjoy breathtaking views from the Sphinx Observatory.

Back in Interlaken Switzerland activity, enjoy the local food scene. Try Swiss dishes like fondue and raclette in cozy mountain chalets or trendy restaurants. Pair your meal with local wines or traditional Swiss hot chocolate for a delicious experience.

To learn about the region’s history and traditions, visit the Jungfrau Museum. The exhibits showcase the lives of the locals and their strong connection to the mountains. For more convenience, try private transfers like Traserbas.

As the day ends, relax at one of Interlaken’s wellness centers. Unwind in a spa with views of the Alps, or take a dip in thermal baths to rejuvenate your body after a day of exploring.

List of Surprising Activities in Interlaken

Discover Interlaken’s charm with a unique Interlaken Switzerland activity. These special moments guarantee unforgettable memories amidst Switzerland’s natural beauty.

  • Night Sledding Adventure. Experience the thrill of sledding down the slopes of Harder Kulm under the moonlight. This unique nighttime activity adds an unexpected twist to the classic winter sport.
  • Trümmelbach Falls Exploration. Venture into the heart of the mountains to explore Trümmelbach Falls, a series of stunning waterfalls inside the mountain. The sound of rushing water makes this an unconventional and unforgettable experience.
  • Paragliding over the Aare River: Take paragliding to new heights by soaring over the Aare River. The combination of adrenaline and scenic beauty creates a truly memorable adventure.
  • St. Beatus Caves Tour: Delve into the mysterious St. Beatus Caves, located on the northern shore of Lake Thun. Explore the underground caverns, illuminated with stalactites and stalagmites. It will add a touch of enchantment to your visit.
  • Gelmer Funicular Ride: Embark on an exhilarating journey on the Gelmer Funicular, one of the steepest in the world. The breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape make this place a must-try experience.
  • Swiss Chocolate Making Workshop. Unleash your inner chocolatier with a hands-on Swiss chocolate-making workshop. Learn the art of crafting delectable chocolates, creating sweet memories to savor.

Experience exciting and unique activities in Interlaken for unforgettable moments and lasting memories. If you want to add more famous locations during your vacation, visit Lake Como. Interlaken Transfer to or from Como is the easiest way to get there. 

Things to See in Interlaken

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Interlaken is a treasure trove of captivating sights that beckon travelers from around the world. The town, situated between the pristine waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, boasts a panorama of natural wonders and cultural gems.

Embark on a scenic journey with a visit to Höheweg, a charming promenade adorned with vibrant flowers and sculptures. The serenity of the landscape creates an idyllic setting for a peaceful exploration.

Visiting Interlaken in Switzerland isn’t complete without exploring the iconic Jungfraujoch, often referred to as the “Top of Europe.” Ascend to this lofty vantage point via a cogwheel train or cable car and discover a surreal snowscape. The Aletsch Glacier sprawls beneath, creating a captivating tableau.

Immerse yourself in the town’s rich cultural tapestry by visiting the Jungfrau Museum. Discover the history, folklore, and traditions of the Bernese Oberland region. Gain insights into the lives of the locals and their profound connection to the towering mountains that define the landscape.

In Interlaken, every view tells a part of Switzerland’s stunning story. Visitors take away unforgettable memories from their journey through this beautiful alpine paradise. Read an overview comparing Interlaken vs Lucerne if you want to dive deeply into Switzerland’s main gems. 

List of reasons why you should visit Interlaken

Visit Interlaken for its breathtaking Alpine scenery. This charming town promises an unforgettable blend of nature, adventure, and cultural richness. Here is a list of things to see in Interlaken:

  • Breathtaking Scenery. Interlaken is nestled amidst the Swiss Alps, offering panoramic views of majestic mountains such as Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. The landscape is adorned with pristine lakes like Thun and Brienz. It is a picturesque setting that mesmerizes visitors.
  • Outdoor Adventure. For thrill-seekers, Interlaken is a playground of adventure activities. Try paragliding to soar through the skies. Also, embark on a night sledding adventure on Harder Kulm or explore Trümmelbach Falls inside a mountain. The town’s diverse offerings cater to every adventurer’s taste.
  • Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe. A must-visit destination, Jungfraujoch is accessible by a cogwheel train or cable car. At an elevation of 3,454 meters, it offers a surreal snowscape with the Aletsch Glacier below. Explore the Ice Palace and enjoy breathtaking views from the Sphinx Observatory.
  • Cultural Exploration. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the Jungfrau Museum. Exhibits showcase the rich history, folklore, and traditions of the Bernese Oberland. It provides insights into the lives of the locals and their deep connection to the mountains.
  • Boat Cruises. Experience tranquility on boat cruises across Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The crystal-clear waters reflect the surrounding Alpine beauty. It creates a serene and memorable journey.
  • Unique Culinary Delights. Indulge in the town’s culinary scene by trying Swiss specialties like fondue and raclette. Interlaken offers a delightful gastronomic experience both in cozy chalets or trendy restaurants.
  • Wellness Retreat: Unwind in Interlaken’s wellness centers after a day of exploration. Relax in spas with views of the Alps or rejuvenate in thermal baths, ensuring a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Come to Interlaken for a mix of beautiful nature, exciting adventures, and cultural discoveries. It guarantees an unforgettable experience right in the heart of Switzerland.

 The Most Popular Interlaken Tourist Places

In the Swiss Alps, Interlaken has many popular places to visit. Jungfraujoch, known as the “Top of Europe,” is a must-see. You can reach it by train or cable car and enjoy snowy landscapes, the Aletsch Glacier, and the Ice Palace.

For a relaxing time, take a boat cruise on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The clear waters reflect the beautiful scenery, creating memorable moments.

One of the famous Interlaken tourist places is Harder Kulm, reached by a funicular. From here, you get amazing panoramic views of the town, lakes, and mountains. Trümmelbach Falls, hidden in the mountains, is a stunning sight with glacial waters flowing through impressive waterfalls inside the rocks.

Don’t miss trying Swiss specialties like fondue and raclette in Interlaken’s restaurants and mountain chalets. It adds a taste of local flavors to your experience against the beautiful Alpine backdrop.

Interlaken’s popularity comes from its natural beauty and diverse experiences. Whether at Jungfraujoch’s heights or the calm lakes, the town offers a range of attractions for an immersive and enriching journey.

Interlaken’s Prime Tourist Destinations for Every Season

Discover the best of Interlaken tourist places throughout the seasons. Interlaken’s year-round charm welcomes exploration and delight in every season. Check out the top list of destinations for every season.

  • Spring Blooms at Flower Park. In spring, Interlaken’s Flower Park blooms with colorful tulips and cherry blossoms. All of it creates a breathtaking display. The fragrant air and the picturesque setting make it an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll and enjoying the season’s beauty.
  • Summer Adventure at Harder Kulm. Embrace the warmth of summer with a visit to Harder Kulm. Accessible by a funicular, this iconic spot offers panoramic views of the town, lakes, and mountains. The lush greenery and clear skies create a perfect backdrop for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Autumn Serenity at Lake Thun. As the leaves change color, Lake Thun becomes a mesmerizing canvas of autumn hues. Take a boat cruise to witness the stunning reflection of the mountains in the calm waters. The crisp air and the golden landscape make it a serene and captivating experience.
  • Winter Wonderland at Jungfraujoch. In winter, Jungfraujoch transforms into a magical snowscape. Accessible by a cogwheel train or cable car, this “Top of Europe” destination offers a surreal winter wonderland. Engage in snow sports, explore the Ice Palace, and relish the stunning views of snow-covered peaks.
  • Year-round Charm of Interlaken Old Town. Regardless of the season, the Interlaken Old Town exudes timeless charm. Cobblestone streets, traditional Swiss architecture, and boutique shops create an inviting atmosphere. Explore the local culture, indulge in Swiss delicacies, and appreciate the town’s unique character.
  • Festive Delights at Christmas Markets. During the holiday season, Interlaken’s Christmas markets come alive with festive cheer. Adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations, these markets offer a magical ambiance. Visitors can shop for handmade crafts and immerse themselves in the joyous atmosphere.

Interlaken is great all year round, with something for everyone. It’s a perfect place to explore and find joy throughout the year.

Visiting Interlaken, Switzerland with Traserbas

Traveling Interlaken with Traserbas ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience. Known for excellent transportation, Traserbas offers comfortable rides through Switzerland’s beautiful landscapes. Their professional drivers make stress-free transfers even from Milan or other major hubs to Interlaken.

Visiting Interlaken in Switzerland with Traserbas makes the journey part of the adventure. All due to their well-maintained vehicles and knowledgeable drivers. They not only navigate well but also share insights about local attractions, making the trip informative and engaging.

Beyond transportation, Traserbas provides personalized tours for everyone. It can be nature lovers, adventure seekers, and cultural explorers. Whether exploring the Old Town or venturing into the Swiss Alps, each moment is curated for a memorable experience. Traserbas offers more than just a ride to Interlaken; it’s a chance to explore Switzerland’s beauty and culture.       


In summary, there are plenty of things to do in Interlaken, which is a fantastic destination in the Swiss Alps. It offers a mix of activities for everyone. Whether you prefer thrilling adventures like paragliding or peaceful boat cruises on Lake Thun, Interlaken has it all. The Jungfrau Museum adds cultural depth, sharing insights into the region’s traditions. Interlaken is more than a destination. It’s an opportunity to enjoy stunning landscapes and exciting adventures in this alpine paradise.


Is Interlaken a good tourist destination?

Yes, Interlaken is an excellent tourist destination. Nestled in the Swiss Alps, it offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and thrilling adventures.

What kind of activities does Interlaken offer?

Interlaken provides a diverse range of activities for visitors. From adrenaline-pumping adventures like paragliding to serene boat cruises on Lake Thun. There’s something for every traveler’s taste.

Can I visit Interlaken all year round?

Absolutely! Interlaken is a year-round destination. Each season offers a unique charm and activities. You can enjoy spring blooms, summer adventures, autumn serenity, and enchanting winter scenes.

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