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A Complete Guide to Airport Taxi Services

No matter where you are in Switzerland, our mini taxi service helps you find affordable taxi costs whether you’re exploring a city or traveling a great distance. Whether day or night, you will find the most affordable Zurich taxi services quickly and easily.

Taxi services at airports are simply transportation from the airport to your destination via taxi.

You need not worry about bringing around large bags because these services are made for people who fly. Furthermore, you can utilize these services to travel to hotels, stations, and other notable locations in addition to your home.

This post will provide you with a complete guide on how airport taxi service works, its benefits, tips to consider when booking a taxi service airport, and a lot more.

What is Airport Taxi Service?

An “airport taxi” is a cab that only transports travelers to and from the airport and local destinations after arrival. The car is just your standard taxi. There are instances when these cabs are significantly more expensive than the taxis that wait in line at the taxi stand at the airport, but only sometimes. 

It’s essential to reserve a cab in advance in some nations. Organizing a pick-up with your hotel is the best option. Although it is not always accessible and could be slightly more expensive, this is the safest and fastest method.

How does Airport Taxi Service differ from Airport Transfer?

Compared to Uber or a standard taxi, the airport transfer service is frequently the greatest option for traveling long distances. Airport transfers resemble regular car rentals, but there is a significant distinction in that the client also “rents” the driver in addition to the vehicle.

Let’s see how Zurich limousine service differs from airport transfer services:

  • Taxis transport clients at the agreed-upon rate and are typically available as soon as the request is made. A transfer is, however, reservable and requires analysis of all potential nuances.
  • Not all taxis arrive on schedule. This is very annoying when you are running late for an important meeting or a flight. If you pre-arrange the transfer service, a fully prepared car will be there on time.
  • We frequently select a taxi at random, which resembles a lottery. Trusted distributors that ensure the safety of their customers and the caliber of services offer transfer services.
  • Any taxi driver’s primary objective is to get a customer from point A to point B. The driver of the transfer company has much more extensive responsibilities, some of which include meeting the client and assisting with luggage, for example, when traveling to the airport; choosing the best and the safest route; scheduling stops during a long trip; providing a sightseeing tour of the area for nonresidents or foreigners; and providing general recommendations regarding your stay in the nation or city.

What Problems Do Travellers Face?

For frequent travelers, finding a mini taxi airport service to get to the airport or the destination promptly after landing might be frustrating. Here are six typical issues that people run into when they last-minutely book a taxi to/from the airport:

  • Searching For the Taxi

When a cab is reserved in advance, many travelers need help locating the vehicle at the airport. If the flight is delayed, the driver won’t wait; therefore, you’ll need to call for another cab.

  • Problems Due to Poor Internet

Some taxi companies notify their clients of the information of their upcoming rides via text message or notice. However, customers frequently miss out on receiving such crucial information after ordering a cab, usually due to connection problems or the lack of a roaming plan on their phone during the trip or just after arrival.

  • Unnecessary Wasting Time & Money

It can be costly to make a last-minute private cab reservation. The traveler might also have to wait a long time in line to get a cab. Many visitors may pay more than average taxi fares after arriving in a new country because they need to familiarise themselves with the local language, transit options, and costs.

  • Lack Of Transparency

Since the additional baggage fee is not included in their final booking price, many tourists frequently pay more for their bags. Many taxi service providers demand additional payment after arriving at the desired location.

  • No Reliability

People are often concerned for their safety when visiting a foreign location. You can trust not all cab drivers. Additionally, not all taxi service providers adhere to the basic safety precautions that can guarantee the safety of drivers and customers.

  • Unprofessional Behaviour

It’s common for passengers to forget to tell their cab driver when they are about to arrive. Many professional cab drivers arrive at the pickup location too late or are unable to manage their schedule when there are unexpected traffic jams or other problems.

What Are The Benefits of Airport Taxi Service?

It is Convenient

It might be tedious to wait for cabs at the airport, especially after a long journey. You can avoid long lineups by making an online reservation for an airport taxi. Airport taxi reservations are quick and uncomplicated. They are open at all hours of the day, whether early in the morning or late at night. You can book a cab through your app, which will arrive soon. 

The drivers are knowledgeable and skilled. They will assist you in organising your stuff and take you directly to your destination.

It is Safe

Booking a cab service instead of renting a private car makes more sense if you’re visiting the city for the first time. If you decide to drive on your own, you risk making mistakes because you won’t be familiar with the city’s driving laws. Because cab drivers are experienced, they are a safer option. They assist you in quickly navigating the traffic because they are familiar with all the local sights and route shortcuts.

It is Comfortable

Flights can be arduous and protracted. After retrieving your bags and exiting the airport, you only want to check into your hotel or house and enjoy a relaxing time. You need to have the stamina or desire to get a ride to your location. 

This is why a cab service is recommended because it ensures you a nice ride. If you pre-order a taxi, the driver will meet you outside the terminal. Just sit back and relax once you’re on the journey. The driver’s top priorities are comfort and on-time arrival at your location.

It Saves Time

You’re running late for your next flight. Book an app cab instead of taking a chance on public transportation. They’ll ensure you get to the airport on time and arrive at your home in minutes.

Professional drivers are well-versed in the necessary detours to be taken. Booking a cab can save you time even while you’re leaving the airport because you won’t have to wait in an extensive line for an airport shuttle taxi.

It Eases Your Burden

Once you have entered Basel or Zurich, you can enjoy a stress-free journey to your destination as skilled staff and drivers will ensure you arrive safely and comfortably.

The driver will have the customer’s name board at the front of the arrival lobby.

You can leave everything up to the driver once you’ve met them. The drivers will carefully handle your bags and safely guide you to the waiting vehicle. The airport cab service will significantly help people who need particular assistance, including pregnant or disabled travelers.

You Ride With a Local Chauffeur

When you first arrive in a new city, you probably want to visit some eateries, see some attractions, and go shopping. A local chauffeur services airport is a plus because they know all the best locations. Different from renting a car, you won’t struggle to find your way around strange streets and traffic.

What to Do After Your Arrival?

If you use the airport transfer service, the driver or airport employee frequently waits with a name board in front of the arrival lobby.

Please remain calm and keep looking if you cannot locate the staff member welcoming you, such as when there are two exits in the arrival lobby.

Please get in touch with the driver if you are still looking for them.

You should always save the driver’s name, mobile number, and vehicle plate number to your phone or print it out and have it with you so that you can quickly refer to it. The operating business will typically contact you with this information the day before your arrival.

What If Your Flight is Delayed?

Flight arrival times are less precise than those for trains. Professional drivers need to be conscious that there will always be some differences.

You should be okay with your flight being somewhat delayed because the chartered vehicles typically check if your flight is delayed on the internet or flight apps before dispatching from the corporate garage to the airport.

If you’re still feeling worried, try the following.

If you still need to board the aircraft and can do so, kindly get in touch with the operating business and the driver first.

Second, you can only contact people from the plane if your trip is completed. In this case, please get in touch with the airport service limousine Zurich right away when you get to Zurich.

When Should You Book An Airport Cab?

Depending on the airport and the time of day, the duration can vary significantly. You should schedule your reservation for 20 to 30 minutes following your arrival. Remember to include your flight number. The taxi drivers will know how much more time passengers could require to exit the arrival terminal.

Here are some tips you should keep under observation while booking an airport cab.

  • Ensure the taxi service is reliable

If you don’t want to book a random taxi, consider hiring an airport taxi service in advance. You can find many Zurich airport services. Make sure you hire the most reliable one. The one with more 5-star rankings and positive customer reviews.

  • Ensure the optimal condition of the taxi

When you hire any mini airport taxi service, make sure the taxi’s condition is up-to-date both from inside and outside. Moreover, you must consider that the taxi must contain a license plate on both sides and the chauffeur has a driving license too.

  • Don’t Let Taxi Stop Halfway

When you hire any taxi service, make sure it goes straight to your mentioned address without stopping for anything. It scarcely happens that drivers stop the taxi for refueling, withdraw money from ATMs, or buy something. If this happens, get out of the cab immediately.

  • Ensuring Your Luggage’s Safety

While hiring an airport Basel taxi service, make sure the driver loads and unloads all of your luggage. If you don’t have enough strength to load your stuff by yourself, the driver will help you with it. You have to stand next to the driver. Similarly, when unloading, ensure the driver gets out first and unload all of your luggage.

  • Share Your Location With Family/Friends

It always has been a good idea to share your location with a family member or a friend when riding on a limousine airport taxi. In this way, they can stay alert about your arrival. There are many apps that allow you to share your location, so don’t hesitate to use those apps.

What Services Does Traserbas Airport Taxi Company offer?

With Traserbse airport taxi service, you can have a number of options available. Some of them are given below:

When making a reservation, you can have the driver wait in arrivals with the passenger’s or company’s name, as you wish. Especially for first-time guests in a new country, this is a consoling concept.

If your flight is early or delayed, we’ll keep track of it and send out your driver when it’s expected to arrive.

We do a lot of corporate work, so if you are ordering a taxi for someone else, don’t worry—we’ll provide them with the professional service they would expect. We take the majority of credit cards and debit cards and offer email receipts.

How To Ride With Traserbas?

When you’re traveling in Zurich or Basel, Traserbas can be your full-time taxi service. Here are 3 easy steps to avail our cab services anytime and anywhere in Zurich or Basel:

  • Request

Open the website and see the booking form. First, choose the number of passengers, then your pick-up point. After that, select the drop-out point.

  • Ride

Once you book the ride, our driver will reach you in no time, and then, enjoy the best chauffeur airport services.

  • Pay

As you arrive at your destination, you have multiple payment options. You can either pay in cash, via credit card to the driver, or via credit card in advance with an email link.

Best Vehicles for Airport Taxi Service

Traserbas has a variety of vehicles for airport or hotel taxi services in Zurich. Given below are some of them:

Mercedes S Class Limousine

A highly comfortable car, with wider space allowing 5 persons to sit comfortably. It has power window seats in both back and front end, along with a heater and automatic climate control. It also has a total of 10 airbags and child safety locks.


Mercedes E Class Limousine

A spacious car with 5 person seating capacity. It has both, front and rear power window seats, with a heater and climate control. It also contains airbags for maximum protection during any accident.

Mercedes V Class Van/ Minivan

With more than 8 people seating capacity, the Mercedes V-class van is a highly convenient car for travel. Whether the road is rutted or smooth, the AIRMATIC suspension is adjusted to suit the ground.

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Mercedes Viano Van/ Minivan

An 8-seater van with electric front windows, second-row vent windows, and tinted glass as well as remote-control central locking. It has 3 diesel engines, with a 6-speed manual or 5-automatic gearbox. Due to its smoothness, it provides a noise-free and hence, peaceful journey

Mercedes Sprinter Minibus

With an Automatic climate controller and 15-person seating capacity, the Mercedes sprinter minibus serves as one of the best vehicles for Basel airport taxi service for a group. It also has a front and a rear camera, hence providing a 360-degree view of the road.

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Where do Airport Taxi Services serve?

Zurich and Basel airport taxi services whisk people to their hotel rooms in supreme comfort. But this is not only airport taxi services work. They can also provide:

  • Shopping tours
  • Ski tours
  • Hotel-to-hotel transport
  • Immediate Drivers
  • Transfers to Zurich Cruise port
  • Basel Cruise Port transfer
  • Drop Offs for events and conventions, like Baselworld, Art Basel, etc.
  • Day trips from Basel and Zurich to Germany, Italy, and France.
  • Private 4×4 cars to ski resorts in Switzerland, the Alps, and much more.

Why Choose Traserbas Airport Taxi Service?

Guaranteed Security

Traserbas ensures maximum traveler security. Therefore, we keep all of the necessary details of drivers. Plus, we installed a high-tech Global Positioning System that keeps us aware of the location once the ride goes on.

Quick Service

Traserbas airport chauffeur service Basel values time. Once you book a ride, the rider will be at your pick-up point in no time. You can also book a ride for a specific time. The chauffeur will arrive at that time too.

Competitive Fares

Our fares are extremely reasonable. You can enjoy the finest airport taxi facilities at fairly less prices. Our services assure you of a safe and fast journey. 

Clean vehicles

We continuously strive to increase our customer experience. Therefore, we ensure that our vehicles are properly cleaned.

Friendly and professional drivers

Traserbas works with courteous and professional drivers. We ensure our drivers lack criminal records, negative reviews, or other issues.

No hidden fees

While availing Traserbas Basel Taxi service, every price you’ll pay will be transparent. There are no hidden or extra charges.

Simple payment options

You have multiple payment options while having an airport taxi service Zurich. You can either pay via cash or credit card. Apart from that, you can either pay directly to the company with your account or the driver.