Book Traserbas Limousine Service in Zurich

Black s class limousine

Whether in the region for business or pleasure, you will undoubtedly want a dependable limousine service in Zurich. Traserbas, Zurich’s most popular limo service, offers private, first-class transportation for all your needs. 

Whether hiring a private driver in Zurich to take you from the airport to your hotel or hiring a limousine in Zurich to be at your disposal the entire time you are here, Traserbas should be your first choice. 

Continue reading to learn more about the trusted chauffeur service in Zurich that Traserbas offers and how we can make your stay memorable. 

Why is it a good idea to book a limousine service in Zurich?

When you book a limousine service in Zurich, you have personal access to dependable, secure, clean, and comfortable transportation services throughout Zurich, across Switzerland, and beyond.

Hiring a limousine in Zurich means you don’t have to worry about transportation because the team at Traserbas has you covered. 

We offer carefree ground transportation in Zurich and all the cities and towns across Switzerland. Traserbas can even provide transportation to nearby countries.

A skilled, qualified, and knowledgeable driver will keep you safe and comfortable while getting you to your destination on time. 

Traserbas Limousine Service Options 

Traserbas offers a wide range of limousine service options, from airport and cruise transfers to ski transfers from Zurich and everything in between, whether you need us hourly, daily, for a half day, for a full day, or an entire week. 

So if you have somewhere you need to be in Switzerland, Traserbas is at your disposal and can get you there. 

Hourly Limo Service

Traserbas provides hourly limousine service in Zurich with unmatched quality service featuring chauffeur-driven vehicles that are clean, comfortable, and luxurious.  

With our hourly limo service, you have a Zurich car rental with driver to travel around with and have on stand-by in a wide range of situations. Hourly limousine services include sightseeing tours, shopping trips, airport transfers, travel to and from business meetings, and other transportation needs. Our hourly limo service is available anytime you need us, whether for business or pleasure. 

Intercity Transfers from Zurich

Use our hourly limousine service in Zurich for intercity transfers to your favorite destinations in Switzerland, including:

  • Interlaken
  • St. Moritz
  • Gstaad
  • Geneva
  • Strasbourg
  • Lyon

No matter which city or town you need to get to, no matter how big or small, near or far, our limousine service in Zurich has multiple cars available to suit your every need, getting you from city to city in style and comfort.  

Limo Service for Financial Roadshows

Will you be in Zurich as part of a financial roadshow through Switzerland? 

If so, you will need transportation to and from destinations throughout the city, nationwide, and possibly even to nearby countries. Thankfully, a chauffeured limo from Traserbas can take you wherever you need to go. 

When you’re in the country on business, you want to put your best foot forward when meeting with potential clients and investors as part of your financial roadshow. 

You will portray an image of a successful executive when you arrive at your appointments in a luxury vehicle with a personal driver who caters to your every need. 

Limousine Service for Events 

Whether you’re in town for a corporate event or here for a celebration, such as a birthday or a wedding ceremony, our Zurich limo service will get you to your event in style. 

Hiring a limousine in Zurich through Traserbas will make you feel like royalty. Best of all, we can accommodate everyone in your group with a fleet of top-quality vehicles, from luxury sedan cars and limos to SUVs and minibusses. 

Our chauffeur and private rental car will ensure that everyone in your party arrives at the event promptly, safely, and in style.

Zurich Airport Limousine Service

Zurich airport is the largest international airport in Switzerland and is 10 km from the city center and typically a 15- to a 20-minute car ride. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on searching for a taxi upon arrival or navigating the public transportation system to get to your hotel or apartment. 

Let our Zurich limo service get you and all of your baggage there. 

With a large fleet of vehicles available, our chauffeur-driven car rental service can accommodate small and large groups, plus all your luggage, at the most affordable prices.

Whether you are a single traveler who needs business car service in Zurich or a family who is in town to tour the city and ski in the alps, our skilled drivers will stand by on site waiting for your when you arrive, ready to serve you and get you where you need to go. 

Car Models

When you hire a Swiss rental car and driver, you want to ensure the vehicle you are traveling in is safe, clean, and luxurious. 

Whether you need a corporate executive car, a family minivan, a first-class limousine, or a Luxury SUV service in Zurich, Traserbas uses only high-quality luxury car models, with multiple cars in our fleet to meet your every need.

 With our Zurich limo service, you can select the top-of-the-line Mercedes car model to suit your traveling needs.

Whether you’re an executive in Zurich for a corporate event, here for a romantic holiday with a loved one, or on vacation with the whole family, we have an ideal vehicle to suit you.

Traserbas allows you to choose from the following car models:

Mercedes S Class Limousine 

The Mercedes S-Class limousine is perfect for private transfers from Zurich. It is an excellent option for corporate executives, business travelers, or vacationers who want to feel like a VIP.  

A chauffeur-driven Mercedes S-Class limousine from Traserbas is outstanding and stylish. It is chauffeur driven by a private driver whose singular goal is your total satisfaction. 

With the Mercedes S-Class limousine from Traserbas, which accommodates up to three passengers, you will arrive at your destination safely, promptly, and in style.

E-class Sedan Car

The Mercedes E-Class sedan is famous for its responsive movements and German-engineered precision. 

Arrive at your destination with pleasure and confidence in one of our comfortable, stylish, chauffeur-driven Mercedes E-Class sedan cars. 

The Mercedes E-Class sedan will accommodate up to three people and is the perfect choice for corporate executives on the go.

Mercedes V-Class Mini Van 

The high-class Mercedes V-Class features a modern design and plenty of room, accommodating up to seven travelers. It is the preferred vehicle for those booking with Traserbas corporate van service in Zurich

Whether you are a corporate team in town for business or a family in the city for a ski vacation or sporting event, our Mercedes V-Class minivan will get you from the airport to your hotel, to the ski slopes, or out for day trips anywhere in the region.

Like all of our vast fleet’s multiple cars, our V-Class chauffeur-d booking riven minivans are always spotless and comfortable. 

Sprinter Minibus 

For even larger groups, look no further than the Mercedes Sprinter, the largest chauffeur-driven vehicle in our vast Zurich limo service fleet. It is perfect for sizable delegations. 

Whether your group is in town for a forum, a conference, a wedding, or a birthday getaway, our Mercedes Sprinter minibus offers the best VIP  minibus service in Zurich.

The Mercedes Sprinter minibus can handle as many as nine passengers. 


Should I hire a limousine service in Zurich?

Whether in Zurich for business or pleasure, booking a professional limousine service is the only way to travel throughout the region. 

Traserbas is Switzerland’s top-rated private limousine service. The company makes hiring a limousine service in Switzerland enjoyable and hassle-free.

You can rent a car and private driver from Traserbas by the hour, for an entire day, and even for a whole week, allowing you to experience everything this beautiful region offers. No destination is too close or too far.

With Traserbas, your Swiss chauffeur is always on call. 

A private car and personal driver from Traserbas can drive you anywhere you want, even to destinations outside the country.

While you are in Switzerland, visit a nearby country with our limousine service for a day, including:

  • Italy 
  • Liechtenstein
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • France

When you are in Switzerland, you deserve the luxurious, comfortable travel that Traserbas offers.

How much does it cost to hire Traserbas limousine service in Zurich?

Hiring a limousine service in Zurich is cheaper than you think, and when you choose Traserbas, you are choosing a company with the most affordable limousine service prices in Switzerland.

Traserbas limousine service rates are as follows:

  • Chf 880 for up to 8 hours total
  • Chf 990 for up to 10 hours total
  • Chf 10090 for up to 12 hours total

For a customized quote, contact Traserbas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

How do I book a limousine service in Zurich? 

Booking a limousine service in Zurich is easy, affordable, and stress-free when you book with Traserbas. 

Simply use the contact form on our website, call us, email us, or reach out to us through WhatsApp. 

Our team of professional drivers is ready to serve you in any way possible because your total satisfaction is our goal!