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How to Get from Zurich Airport to City Center; Best Travel Options

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City Center is one of the top high-ranking places to visit in Zurich, Switzerland. It is well-known for its hustle and bustle as it is the hub for many businesses, sights, and attractions. You will find lots of museums, parks, shopping malls, art galleries, and historical landmarks when you visit.

If you’re arriving at Zurich Airport and want to go to Zurich City Center, there are many safe and reliable travel options available to you. This article will serve as your guide to help you get familiar with transportation and show you a variety of things to do or plan for when you arrive. 

Travel from Zurich airport to City Center by train

Getting to City Center is quick and easy once your plane lands. It’s only about 10km away (6 miles), so you don’t have to expect a long journey ahead of you. It’s a 10 – 15 minute train ride from the Zurich Airport to Zurich Main station. The trains are available every 5 – 10 minutes, with the first train arriving as early as 5:00 am and the last one at midnight. 

You can also board the S-Bahn lines S2 and S16 to take you from the Airport to the City Center within 10 minutes. Taking the train is one of the most convenient means of transportation, although it isn’t very private. If you don’t have your Swiss Card, you can buy train tickets at the SBB ticket counter or any ticket machines on the platform. 

A ticket costs about CHF 6.80 for adults and CHF 3.40 for children.

Travel from Zurich airport to City Center by taxi

Another transport option is to take a taxi from Zurich airport to City Center. Although it costs a little more, it is also a safe and reliable option. There are quite several taxi companies to choose from right at the Airport. 

You can find them at Arrivals 1 and 2; they are comfortable and experienced, so they can get around the city without hassle. Taxi fare from the airport to the City Center is usually about CHF 50 – CHF 70, but you may be charged a bit more if you have a lot of luggage. 

The ride lasts about 10 – 20 minutes. 

Private transfers and private shuttle service from Zurich airport to City Center

For your convenience and utmost privacy, you can book a private transfer or private shuttle service to be waiting for your arrival at the airport. In addition, you can get a private limousine service from Zurich airport to City Center, or any private vehicle of your choice, as long as you book ahead of your arrival.

This is the most expensive travel option, and costs vary from company to company, but the average fare for up to three passengers and three suitcases starts at CHF 59. This option is excellent because you have a vehicle waiting on arrival to drive you directly to your hotel or destination. 

The trip lasts for about 30 minutes, depending on the traffic congestion if any. 


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Where to stay in City Center

Finding a comfortable location to stay in City Center is easy, as there are a lot of hotels and lodges for visitors. One popular hotel in City Center is the Zurich Mariott Hotel. It has a 7.7-star rating from HotelsCombined users. Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville is also a great choice, with an 8.7-star rating from users.

Where to eat in City Center

Zurich City Center offers fine dining you can’t resist. Many locals and visitors recommend Coop Bistro as offering the best value for money if you want to eat well. It has a large space, properly ventilated, and you get a nice breakfast with great coffee. King’s Cave is also an interesting restaurant if you’re really craving some barbecued meals. Want some steak? Steakhouse Old Town has a variety of lunch menus that’s absolutely delightful.

Events and festivals in City Center

There are many events and festivals that are held at the City Center. Visiting at the time they are holding will give you the full City Center experience when you visit. 

One festival to look forward to is the Food Zurich Chuchi Fäscht (held at the Europaallee in September.) You can find all the details on the website

Another event to look forward to is the Zurich Cycle Week that will be held in May 2022. Also, Zurich Film Festival is scheduled to take place from Sept-Oct, 2022.

Switzerland travel pass

Getting a Swiss Travel Pass is your ticket to enjoying a lot of freebies and discounts in Switzerland. This pass is a single ticket that allows you to visit up to 500+ museums for free and get discounts on excursions. You can also ride for free anywhere in Switzerland on trains, buses, and boats. In addition, you can buy a pass that lasts between 3 to 15 days at different costs for adults, children, and youths.

Public transportation in City Center

There are many forms of public transportation in the City Center. Trains and trams are the most preferred choice for many people with ticket machines at many different corners. If you want some more comfort, convenience, and style, taxis, Ubers, and rental cars are also available for you. 

Best time to visit City Center

Between June and August, during the summer, is the best time to visit Zurich. The temperatures remain within the low 70s, so you can do activities like swimming if you want.

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