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How to Get from Zurich Airport to Basel, Best Travel Options

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There are many ways to get to Zurich Airport from Basel; some are cheap, others are faster, direct, and more convenient. If you’re looking to travel from Zurich Airport to Basel, we share the 3 best travel options you can try. 

We also share tips that’ll ensure you have a seamless and adventurous time in Basel. 

Travel from Zurich Airport to Basel by train

You can travel from Zurich Airport to Basel directly by train if you don’t have a vehicle already waiting or feel more comfortable taking the train. Every day, the train arrives hourly; it is fully functional and the journey lasts for about 1 hour 28 minutes.

A train ride is the cheapest and most affordable means to get to Basel, costing between CHF 32 – CHF 65. The first train arrives as early as 00:18 a.m. and the last train leaves at 23:38 pm. To catch the train you need to go to Zurich HB Station. 

The Zurich Airport to Basel Station train service is operated by SBB, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen.

Travel from Zurich Airport to Basel by taxi

You can get a taxi from Zurich Airport to Basel. Although this may seem like an expensive option starting at CHF 280 for a 70-minute trip, it is worth it if you value your convenience. 

You can also request a taxi to take you to the train station if you like. Zurich Airport taxis are available from Exit 1 & Exit 2. They may charge extra fees if you have a lot of suitcases or bulky luggage. 

Private transfers and private shuttle service from Zurich Airport to Basel

If you prefer a private car ride to Basel, there are private transfer or shuttle services that can take you directly to your final destination in Basel. Taking a private shuttle from Zurich Airport to Basel is a great option if you’re on a business trip or off to a ski resort. 

These services allow up to 7 people in a car (limousine, minivan, or minibus.) The total costs per car range between CHF 280 – 380, and the driving time is approximately 70 minutes. The drivers pick you up directly from the Zurich Airport and drop you off at your location.


Where to stay in Basel?

When you arrive at Basel, there are different accommodation options to try depending on your preference and what you can afford. The best area to stay in Basel is Grossbasel as it is quite central to the city and is small and easy to navigate. It promises interesting views and cultural sights with many museums to visit. Hotel D and Hotel Basel are popular places for tourists and visitors to lodge. 

Where to eat in Basel?

If you’re looking for the best dining options in Basel, then these are some of the top-rated restaurants you should try. Artigiano cafe offers Italian food plus vegan options and has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on TripAdvisor. For Indian delicacies, Indian Restaurant Royal Palace promises a wide array of foods to try — both restaurants offer delivery services. 

Taverne Johann is a lovely 5-star rated restaurant with Swiss, European, and healthy menus to choose from. They also offer outdoor seating if you would like to take in the Basel view. 

Events and festivals in Basel

Basel is always bustling with lots of events and festivals, attracting tourists from far and near. To make your stay fun, fixing your trip around the time of any Basel events is a great idea. For instance, there is the Schnee Christmas exhibition coming up from the 19th to 21st of November and the Palazzo Colombino show also starts from 19th November to 9th of January 2022. There’s a festival in Basel called Carnival, or Dame Fasnacht, it is one of the most anticipated festivals every year and is coming up from the 7th to 9th March 2022.

Switzerland Travel Pass

For visitors to Switzerland, getting around by public transport would probably be your best bet. To fully enjoy the Swiss experience and get around easily, you need a single ticket called the Swiss Travel Pass. It lets you travel without restrictions on trains, buses, and boats. You also get discounts on excursions, free passes into 500+  museums, and so much more. There are different categories of passes for adults, children, and youths, and you can buy a pass that lasts between 3 to 15 days.

Public transportation in Basel

Getting around on public transport in Basel is easy. It’s one of the most common means of transportation available as green and yellow trams, buses, and trains. You can move across the country quickly with the trams, and even visit some bordering countries like France and Germany. 

Best time to visit Basel

Basel has different seasons and times that are perfect for visitors, but the absolute best time to visit is the season between mid-May and late June; mid-August to late September is also spectacular. April to early May is usually wet, and there’s a few days of snow at Christmas time. The real winter season falls between mid-January to early March.