How Much Do Limos Cost to Rent

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Limousines, with their elongated elegance and tinted windows, symbolize luxury when it comes to cars. Imagine whisking through the breathtaking streets of Basel or Zurich, the very epitome of luxury wrapped around you. You’re not just in any car but in a limousine, a symbol of sophistication and exclusivity. The critical question that often lingers is, “How much do limos cost to rent?” More people today want memorable experiences instead of just buying things. Because of this interest in luxury travel, Traserbas provides top-quality service.

Whether you’re in Switzerland for leisure or work, we ensure that your journeys are not just rides but memorable experiences. So, how much do limos cost to rent?

Factors Affecting the Average Cost of Renting a Limo

The allure of limousines goes beyond their majestic appearance; it’s the experience they promise. However, the price tag attached to this luxurious experience is not pulled out of thin air. Different aspects influence the final rent limousine price, from the type and size of the limo to the duration of the booking. All these elements play a part in determining the average cost of renting a limo.

Types of Limousines

The type of limousine you choose plays a significant role in determining the rent limousine price. Limousines come in many styles to fit different needs and budgets. 

Sedan limousines: In the world of limos, sedan limos like the Mercedes E-Class are the basics. They’re great for trips to the airport, business meets, or small gatherings. These limos are cozy and can comfortably fit up to three passengers. While they’re elegant and stylish, they don’t show off too much. They offer a perfect balance of comfort and a touch of luxury without drawing too much attention.

Stretch limousines: For many, the dream limo ride means being in a stretch limousine. These vehicles stand out because they’re much longer than your regular limos. What makes them unique are the added features inside. Many of them come with a small bar area where you can enjoy a drink, super comfy seats, and lighting that sets just the right mood. Riding in one feels like being in a little luxury lounge on wheels!

SUV limousines: These are a modern twist on the classic stretch limo. SUV limousines, like the Luxury SUVs offered by Traserbas, combine the spaciousness of stretch limos with the ruggedness of SUVs. They are prevalent for events where a blend of luxury and bold statement is desired.

Van limousines: If you need transport for a big group but want luxury, think of vans like the Mercedes V-Class or Viano Van. They’re great for business functions or big family trips. You get a lot of room without losing that fancy limo feeling. 

Minibus limousine: Need something even bigger? The Mercedes Sprinter Minibus is the top pick. It has the space of a bus but feels like a high-end limo. It’s the best choice for huge  parties, ensuring everyone rides with style and comfort.

Specialty limousines: These are custom-made limos tailored for specific needs or events. They might include unique features, customized interiors, or even themes. Think of a limousine tailored for a bachelorette party or a birthday celebration.

Traserbas has lots of fancy cars to pick from, like the Mercedes S-Class and E-Class limos. There are so many options that it takes a lot of work to choose. The kind of limo you prefer can change the average cost of renting a limo. The fancy inside of the S-Class is excellent for very important people, while the spacious V-Class is suitable for groups. When picking a limo, think about what kind of event it’s for and how many people will ride to ensure everyone has a great time.

Duration and Time of Booking

The duration for which you intend to hire a limousine plays a pivotal role in determining the rent limousine price. Limousine companies like Traserbas have different price packages based on how long you need the limo – a few hours, half a day, a full day, or even more.

How much do limos cost to rent with Traserbas? For instance, Traserbas offers an 8-hour package just at Chf 680, which includes 150km, ensuring both time and distance are considered in the pricing structure.

Thinking of a day trip from Basel to enjoy Switzerland’s views or visit places like France or Germany? A full-day package could be cheaper for you.

The time of booking is equally crucial. Like most services, limousine rentals are subject to the laws of supply and demand. Peak seasons, such as prom nights, major holidays, or popular local events, can surge bookings. Scheduling your limousine service during off-peak times or well in advance can lead to more favorable rates. 

Average limo cost per hour

Average Limo Cost per Hour

How much do limos cost to rent per hour? When people look to rent a limousine, one common way they judge the value is by checking the average limo cost per hour. This hourly rate gives a quick idea about how much they will likely spend.

However, the final price is not just about the hour; it varies depending on the type of limo you choose and any additional amenities you might want to add. Taking Traserbas’s Basel Limousine Service as an example, our hourly rates seem pretty reasonable, especially when you factor in the luxury of their vehicles and the high standard of service we provide.

But when weighing up the average limo cost per hour, it is crucial to dig deeper and see what you are actually getting for your money. With a company like Traserbas, the rate is not just for the limo itself. The price includes a skilled driver familiar with the area, a set travel distance or time, and the comfort of choosing a trusted service. You will see many happy people talking about their time with Traserbas by looking at reviews on sites like Google and TripAdvisor.

Rent a Limousine Price: Get a Quote

Renting a limousine is about creating a special moment or memory. When you hear the name Traserbas, you think of luxury and honest service, especially if you’re familiar with Switzerland’s transportation scene. We stand out because we believe in more than just providing a car; we believe in offering an unforgettable journey. It’s not just about getting from one place to another; it’s about how you feel during the trip. Every client is unique, and Traserbas recognizes that. That’s why our process of giving quotes isn’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, we customize it to fit each person’s needs. Our comprehensive quotation process is tailored, ensuring every client feels valued.

The art of quotation: Quoting prices at Traserbas isn’t just about numbers. We make sure every price shows our promise of luxury and precise information. We listen to what customers want, from specific routes to special extras, to give a price that fits our top-notch service.

Digital elegance: In our rapidly digitizing world, instant access to information is not just desired; it is expected. Traserbas has an online tool that gives instant price quotes. This helps people see what they’ll pay right away.

Experience crafting: What sets Traserbas apart is their unwavering commitment to curating experiences. Traserbas makes trips special. In places like Switzerland, France, or Germany, it’s all about the journey in the limo, not just reaching your destination.


Navigating the realm of limousine rentals can initially seem like a journey through a maze of choices and pricing structures. However, with the right information, picking a limo can be easy and lead to a fabulous luxury experience. Throughout the years, the limousine has held its place as a symbol of elegance, class, and exclusivity. Planning a memorable event, an important business meeting, or simply wanting a touch of luxury in your day? Riding in a limo can elevate any occasion, making it feel extra special. 

Traserbas, a leading limo service, promises exceptional rides without any hidden costs. It gives transparent prices and excellent service to ensure every customer is happy and gets the desired experience. When choosing your limo, it is good to consider what is limo, which kind of one you want, how long you will need it, and when you want to book. Doing this ensures you get the most for your money and that everything fits perfectly with your plans.


What types of limousines are available for rental?

Traserbas has different vehicles, from the Mercedes E Class Limousine to the Mercedes Sprinter Minibus.

How is the cost of a limousine rental calculated?

The cost hinges on several factors:

  • The type of limousine chosen
  • The duration of rental
  • The timing of the booking
  • Any additional services or amenities desired

What additional services can be included in a limo rental?

Traserbas offers fixed affordable prices, professional chauffeurs, 24 hours available, last minute booking welcome.

Can I rent a limousine for just an hour, or is there a minimum rental duration?

With Traserbas’s client-centric approach, flexibility is vital. Whether you desire an hour-long rental or a day-long expedition, Traserbas crafts packages tailored to your needs.

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