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How to Travel from Zurich Airport to Lucerne

A trip from Zurich Airport to Lucerne ( Luzern ) can be quite amazing. There are many things too see within 66 kilometers. Because you surely don’t want to miss those, it’s better to let your car at home, and let the locals take you on a little tour.

Transportation by public transportation or taxi

Besides your own car, there are many ways to get to Lucerne from Zurich Airport. Some of them are taking too long, but they are the cheapest option, and some of them are the fastest option, but they will take you a great amount of money.

Taking a tour with a bus will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The bus option is the cheapest way to get to Lucerne. The price range is between $6 and $35, depending on which company you choose. If you want a bus that has air conditioners and Wi-Fi included, you may take the expensive ticket.

There is always a town-car option, which means that you get in a car with people that are going home ( in Lucerne ) from a full day of work or anything else. But they will try to get home faster, so the tour it’s not included. Either way, it’s a good way if you don’t want to spend too much money and you are also in a hurry.

Another option is by train. The price for a train ticket ( 2nd class ) is $12.50 for adults, and half of it for children ( between 6 and 16 years old ). Because of the infrastructure of Switzerland, the ride will last only 1 hour and 2 minutes.

The last, and maybe the best option to get there faster, is by taxi. Of course, the price is higher than any other public transportation. Depending again on the taxi company, the price will be between $280 and $340. Also, there are ways to negotiate this price, if you give the driver a great vibe and feedback. There are big chances to take you on a tour too, explaining you the history and culture of the place.

The price also depends on traffic, the size of the luggage, and how many persons you are. The maximum of people that can get a taxi cab is 4 ( by the law ). But if you are a group of friends of 5, you can check if there’s a bigger taxi cab.

How to travel by public transportation

You can take the bus from the airport area. There’s no need to go to another place.

The most trustworthy bus company is Swiss Post Auto. It is also the cheapest, because the ticket costs only $9 and you will get to Lucerne in 1 hour and 25 minutes. It’s takes the road from Zurich Airport to Luzern everyday at 13:35.

In Lucerne, the Swiss Post Auto bus stops near Inseli Park and University of Luzern. The ‘ Tourist Information Luzern ‘ is 700 meters far, so you can get your information for how to get to your hotel or what to see in Luzern ( if you are making a 1 day trip to Luzern ).

However, for a higher price, you can choose the Express Bus company. It is faster than the other company and it only takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to Lucerne. Still, the price is a little bit higher, which means you will have to pay between $24 and $35. The disadvantage of this bus is that it only works once a week.

Good to know when travelling by taxi.

Travelling from Zurich Airport to Lucerne by taxi, is a convenient way to get all the information you need about the locals, history, culture, music, and many more. It is also a good option if you want to see, take some photos, or even visiting the attractions on the road.

Because the airport’s parking lot it is very crowded ( many tourists are coming everyday ), there is a nice opportunity for you offered by Switzerland. You can book your taxi, at least 10 days before the trip. You can write details or requirements for the taxi driver, especially if you want to see something in particular. You will get a confirmation email or SMS with details about the money you just paid.

On the day you booked the taxi, they will send you all the information about the taxi driver so you can find it in the parking lot.

Once you get in the taxi cab, you will enjoy a nice car ride. Keep in mind that you already paid the trip. Feel free to give an extra dollar for the taxi driver.

Also, it is advised to take the receipt from the taxi driver and to ask them write his phone number in case you forgot something in his cab. After your staying in Lucerne, you can call him to pick you up, back on the way to Zurich Airport.

Things to see/ stops on the way when travelling by taxi from Zurich Airport to Lucerne.

Getting close to Lucerne, you will feel the cool air from the Swiss Alps.

All the little villages you will get through, will catch your eye. The baroque architecture it is kept in all of how the houses or the monuments are build. From the taxi driver, you surely will hear about the historical part of the lakeside village of Vitznau or the historic town of Engelberg. You can stop and take some pictures from those marvelous and small villages. You will feel the air of the medieval era, with kind and modern people.

An another good place to stop is by the lake. The trip will take you down the coast, on a rocky hill, from which you can get an amazing sunset. Because there’s no parking lot, you may be lucky to catch an amazing sunset.

Zurich Airport to Lucerne taxi including a tour ( Interlaken, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen )

If you have some extra cash, those three towns are worth a stop.


Going on a trip from Zurich Airport to Lucerne, you can’t miss the most popular resort town, Interlaken. It is worth to stay at least 1 or 2 days in Interlaken for a great experience of winter or summer sports. There are several attraction that will catch your eye if you stop in Interlaken.

Unspunnen CastleTellfestspiele – it is a well known place for concerts, show and theaters. Everything there is made out of wood, and the green surroundings are a key point for this magical place. Galerie Wydi – an abstract and colorful art galery a lot of picnic spots


Because you are on the land of extreme sports, Grindelwald is another famous town, with a charming example of ski resort. If you have enough time for visiting, you may want to go to the Glacier Canyon in Grindelwald. It is also worth a 1 or 2 days staying.


Another must stop is in Lauterbrunnen. Here you can get the view you always wanted. Because is situated between heavy rocks faces and mountains peaks, there no other place you will want to catch the sunset.

Lauterbrunnes is known as the greates nature conservation in Switzerland. If you have a little time, you can go see the monasteries that are built up on the rocks. And get a cool and healthy breath.

Book a round trip and save money by taxi.

Booking a straight ride to Lucerne, by an online platform, they can charge you extra fees for the taxi reservation. But if you are booking a round trip, the price may be less. Either way, you will need a new trip from Lucerne to Zurich Airport.

It can be quite challenging and a little bit expensive, but overall, it is worth it. Lucerne is considered the heart of Switzerland. Maybe because it’s the town where Goethe, Queen Victoria and Mr. Wagner enjoyed their life back in the 19th century. You can follow their steps crossing the Old Town ( Altstadt ), where a violoncello won’t stop playing.

There are a lot of legends that keeps this town covered in an amazing grace.

You would consider Lucerne as a nostalgic town, where you can talk about how you and your loved one met and so on. But the atmosphere in Lucerne is unpredictable, just like the weather. Due to the surroundings, your feelings will be totally alert, as well as your mind.

The road through here will get you easily into the mood of Lucerne. So take a deep breath and enjoy the experiences from a trip to Lucerne.

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