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Best Towns to Visit in Switzerland

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  • Published: 30 October, 2023
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Switzerland is often called the ‘Jewel of Europe.’ It has stunning landscapes, old cobblestone streets, and incredible mountain views. This country is full of unique experiences. It combines the beauty of medieval towns with the magic of fairytale places. Some towns sit by peaceful lakes. Others, like the best towns to visit in Switzerland, are high mountain towns. 

All of them are waiting for you to explore them. If you are looking to chart out an itinerary or merely daydreaming about the best towns to visit in Switzerland, this guide is tailored for you. 

Medieval Towns in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns. When you walk through medieval towns in Switzerland, it feels like reading a history book. You are taken back to the days of knights and castles. Think of streets made of cobblestones. Imagine houses made of timber. There are large squares in the town center. Tall fortresses watch over the calm lakes.

Each town tells its own story, brimming with tales of battles, love, and the rich tapestry of Swiss culture. Markets in these towns often bustle with traditional craftsmen, giving visitors a taste of bygone eras. Their ancient walls have seen centuries pass by, yet they stand tall, echoing the laughter and tears of the past. Let’s dive deep into the annals of history with towns that are reminiscent of medieval chronicles, brimming with tales of chivalry, ancient fortresses, and time-honored traditions.


Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is a marvel in its own right. Nestled by the River Aare, this city showcases a blend of modern life and deep-rooted history. As you step into its heart, the medieval charm of Bern immediately captivates you. Cobblestone streets invite travelers to wander, with each turn revealing historic fountains, sculptures, and ancient structures. T

he city’s famous clock tower, Zytglogge, not only chimes the hour but carries tales from centuries ago. Walking in Bern’s old town is like going back in time. The old buildings whisper stories of bygone eras. But it’s not all history here. Bern blends its past with vibrant markets, cozy cafes, and contemporary art spaces. 


Murten is a special place in Switzerland. It sits gracefully by the shores of Lake Murten, exuding an atmosphere of old-world charm. This quaint town is a showcase of medieval architecture, where time seems to have paused to let history and culture shine. As you wander its streets, well-preserved, stone-laid pathways and charming wooden homes greet you.

The town has strong fortifications. They are some of the best-preserved in Switzerland. From these walls, you can see the lake and the surrounding lush landscapes. The town square bustles with activity, where local markets often spring to life. They sell local food and handmade items. While Murten may be small in size, its rich history is palpable in every nook and corner. 


Rapperswil, affectionately termed the ‘City of Roses,’ is a captivating spot located on the tranquil shores of Lake Zurich. At first glance, it’s the serene lake waters and the backdrop of mountains that steal your attention. But delve deeper, and Rapperswil’s medieval essence comes to the fore. Narrow alleys in the town wind past colorful homes, many of which boast centuries-old architecture.

Rapperswil Castle dominates the town’s view. This old castle stands as a testament to the town’s rich heritage. From its ramparts, you can drink in sweeping views of the lake and the distant Alpine peaks. Rapperswil is also home to a charming rose garden, which, in full bloom, paints the town in hues of pink and red. 

Fairytale Towns in Switzerland

Fairytale towns in Switzerland

The fairytale towns in Switzerland boast picturesque landscapes. There, you can find cute wooden houses surrounded by green fields. Clear streams flow through them. Imagine a place where every sunrise feels like the start of a new enchanting tale. And every sunset closes a chapter filled with adventures and memories. As you wander through these towns, you are surrounded by an aura of magic, with landscapes that seem painted by the very hands of fairy godmothers. Every corner of these fairytale towns in Switzerland whispers tales of old. 

Stein am Rhein  

Stein am Rhein, tucked away on the banks of the mighty Rhine River, is often likened to a page from a beautifully illustrated storybook. This enchanting town is famous for its vibrantly painted buildings. As you stroll through its streets, the town center beckons with frescoes, timber-framed houses, and ornate windows.

The river, flowing gently by, reflects the town’s charming architecture. Central squares come alive with bustling cafes, where locals and travelers gather to soak in the town’s beauty and share stories. The ancient monastery and the town’s gate, both remnants of a distant past, stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time. 


Grindelwald is a dreamlike destination that captures the very essence of Alpine beauty. It is one of the best towns to visit in Switzerland. Majestic peaks surround this picturesque town, making it feel like a scene from a fairytale. Quaint wooden chalets with flower-adorned balconies dot its landscape. The views of snow-capped mountains are stunning here.

As you walk its serene paths, the fresh mountain air fills your lungs, and the distant sound of cowbells adds a melodic rhythm to your journey. Grindelwald is not just a visual treat; it’s an adventurer’s paradise. The iconic North Face of the Eiger looms large, challenging climbers and mesmerizing onlookers. 


Lauterbrunnen, often described as nature’s amphitheater, is a mesmerizing valley town tucked away in the Swiss Alps. The town is famous for its staggering cliffs and cascading waterfalls. It embodies the dreamlike allure of Switzerland’s landscapes. People call it the ‘Valley of 72 Waterfalls’. As you wander its paths, the symphony of waters is ever-present.

Majestic peaks tower above. And the lush green meadows stretch below, dotted with traditional Swiss homes. Lauterbrunnen isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a gateway to myriad adventures. You can take a train to Jungfraujoch or walk nearby. There’s no shortage of experiences awaiting. 

Switzerland Mountain Towns

Switzerland mountain towns

Switzerland’s iconic Alps cradle towns. They promise not just panoramas but also soul-stirring experiences. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of snow-capped mountains or sipping hot cocoa while watching the sun set behind a rugged horizon. Beyond the visuals, these towns are alive with activity. From skiing down pristine slopes in winter to hiking through flower-laden trails in summer, every season brings its own charm. Switzerland mountain towns promise experiences that linger in the heart long after the journey ends.


Zermatt, cradled at the foot of the iconic Matterhorn, is a jewel among Switzerland mountain towns. This car-free village radiates charm with its wooden chalets and cobblestone streets. While the majestic Matterhorn steals the spotlight, Zermatt offers more than just picturesque views. In winter, it’s a skier’s paradise, boasting powdery slopes and crisp Alpine air. Summer reveals lush hiking trails and vibrant meadows. Local eateries serve delectable Swiss cuisine, letting visitors savor authentic flavors. 

St. Moritz  

St. Moritz, nestled in the Engadin valley, stands as a beacon of luxury among the best towns to visit in Switzerland. Its shimmering lake and snow-kissed peaks form a backdrop to a world of splendor. St. Moritz is famous for its skiing. When it’s winter, the town becomes a place for snow enthusiasts from around the globe. Summers unveil its verdant landscapes, perfect for serene hikes. The town also boasts an array of gourmet restaurants, offering a taste of Alpine luxury. 

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Davos, renowned as a winter sports haven, offers more than just snow-clad adventures. This town in the Switzerland mountains blends nature’s beauty with vibrant cultural events. Beyond its famed ski slopes, Davos boasts serene lakeside views, perfect for summer picnics or gentle hikes. Cozy cafes, modern art galleries, and historic landmarks line the town’s bustling center. Not just a destination for thrill-seekers, Davos is also a hub for international conferences, drawing global attention.

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Bern, Murten, Rapperswil, and Lausanne top the list of medieval towns with a blend of history and scenic beauty.

Stein am Rhein, Grindelwald, and Lauterbrunnen stand out as fairytale towns in Switzerland.

Zermatt, St. Moritz, and Davos are the pinnacles when it comes to experiencing Switzerland’s alpine charm.

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