Book Interlaken Intercity Taxi & Airport Transfers to or from Geneva

mercedes v class van and s class limousine to travel

Private transfer from Interlaken to Geneva or from Geneva to Interlaken doesn’t have to be expensive. Traserbas taxi service makes it possible to book your private car with driver at highly affordable prices to bring you from your desired pick up location directly to your desired drop off location.

  • Taxi from Geneva airport to Interlaken Chf 650
  • Taxi from Interlaken to Geneva airport Chf 650
  • Taxi from Geneva to Interlaken Chf 650
  • Taxi from Interlaken to Geneva Chf 650

Here you can see how much would a private transportation cost per person with a total price of 650 Swiss francs per car and way.

People Price per Person Total Cost per Car
1 650 650
2 325 650
3 216 650
4 162 650
5 130 650
6 108 650
7 92 650


Vehicle Seats Passengers Luggage
Sedan 5 max. 4 max. 2 big & 2 carry on
Estate Car 5 max. 4 max. 3 big & 3 carry on
Minivan 8 max. 7 max. 7 big & 7 carry on
Minibus 9 max. 8 max. 8 big & 8 carry on

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Private Transfer Interlaken to or from Geneva with Traserbas

Interlaken to or from Geneva transfer with Traserbas is the most comfortable way to travel between this two cities. The driving time by car is 2 hours and 30 minutes for the distance of 215 kilometers. Traserbas offers private transportation from Interlaken to Geneva and of course from Geneva to Interlaken for the same rate. You can decide if you want to travel by train or by private Interlaken car service with a limo, sedan, van/ minivan or minibus, we offer with our Interlaken car service a point to point transfer, that means we pick you up wherever you want and drop you off at any desired location from one city to the other city, that can be the airport, train station, hotel, apartment or simply any other location. For Interlaken to Geneva or Geneva to Interlaken you can add also 1, 2 or more hours for sights along the way, for this offer scroll below to sights along the way.

How to Travel between Interlaken and Geneva

You can travel from Interlaken to Geneva or from Geneva to Interlaken by train, rental car, taxi or private car service. The train is not a direct connection, you have to change the train twice, once in Bern and once in Lausanne to reach Interlaken or Geneva by Train. If you travel from Interlaken to Geneva by rental car you have to follow Bern and than Lausanne and vice versa you have to follow first Lausanne and than Bern. The most comfortable way is of course to take a taxi or a private car service because that is a door to door service. You don`t have to think about how to get from Interlaken to Geneva or from Geneva to Interlaken. You can relax and enjoy your private transportation.

Traveling Between Interlaken and Geneva is Ideal for a Group

Traserbas offers between Interlaken and Geneva private transfer up to 8 persons and if you are travelling with a group with 5,6,7 or 8 people it will be of course much more reasonable because the total amount splits into a few persons. Traserbas offers one fixed price from Geneva to Interlaken or vice versa, that means it doesn`t matter if you are travelling alone or up to 8 people, no extra costs for additional passengers.

Airport Transfer Interlaken to or from Geneva Airport

If you arrive at Geneva Airport and you need a private transfer from Geneva airport to Interlaken than call Traserbas. Book your Geneva airport transfer simply via email, contact form, booking page or you can call us. After the booking you can relax because you know one of our driver will meet you in the arrivals holding your name plate, helps with your luggage to start your travel from Geneva airport to Interlaken with your private car and driver. Of course you can book also you private transportation for the way back to the Geneva airport for the same affordable rate.

Why you Schould book with Traserbas

  • Don`t think about which train to take
  • No need to carry lots of luggage in and out of the train
  • No need to figure out how to reach your final destination
  • Reasonable fixed rates
  • Transparent pricing and simple payment options

Book Now your Interlaken Transfer to or from Geneva

You can book your private transfer from Interlaken to Geneva or from Geneva to Interlaken easily via phone, email or our booking page. If you need assistance than give us a call to help you with your questions, we will be happy to hear from you. Do you know your pick up and drop off location than go to our booking page and book now your transfer. After the booking you will receive a booking confirmation and if you need to change your pick up or drop off location, the pick up time or date you can send us a email and we will change it without extra costs. Just a thing aout the sights along the way, if you want to add this offer please write it in the field additional details and thats all. Payment can be done by credit card or in cash (Swiss francs or Euros).

Driving Time and Distance from Interlaken to Geneva

Driving Time and Distance from Geneva to Interlaken

Private Transfers and Taxi Services with Minivan or Minibus

If you travel from Interlaken to Geneva or from Geneva to Interlaken with a group of may be 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 people, that is not a problem at all. Traserbas offers minivan and minibus service to and from Interlaken and Geneva. With a fleet of many cars we are able to acommodate up to 8 persons per minivan or minibus. Contact us now to find out which minivan or minibus would suit your private transportation needs.

Sights Along the way

You can add to see sights along the way with Traserbas for transfers from Geneva to Interlaken or from Interlaken to Geneva. You can decide what you want to see and how long do you need the additional time. This offer is much economical than to book a private tour with your personal tour guide, years ago we offered also tours with personal guides but this option was not really economical because for most of the information you don`t need really a guide because all this informations you can find with a few clicks in the web and a private tour guide is additional money which you have to spend. We decided to offer car and driver hire in Switzerland services at affordable rates, the most comfortable and most economical way for private day trips or sights along the way.