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How to Get from Zurich Airport to Lucerne; Best Travel Options

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Traveling to Lucerne from Zurich Airport is relatively easy, with many travel options to choose from. Knowing your options allows you to go for the most suitable ones for your budget, convenience, and purpose of visit.

This article will share three travel options you can use to get from Zurich Airport to Lucerne and other tips you need to know for the most enjoyable visit. So, read on to get acquainted with Lucerne in no time.

Travel from Zurich Airport to Lucerne by train

The Zurich railway system is one of the most efficient and reliable ones you could ever hope to travel with. This makes it one of the first choices for visitors to Zurich headed to other cities. To take the train from Zurich Airport, you can go to SBB, Check-in 3 area just below the Airport Center building. The train (IR70) from Zurich takes you directly to Lucerne with no stops.  It’s the only train that plies that route and is available every 30 minutes. A ticket to Lucerne costs CHF13.02 for adults and CHF6.51 for children, but prices go a little higher during the weekends. The first train to Lucerne arrives at 4.55 am, and the last train, 11:35 am. The duration of this trip is exactly 62 minutes.

Travel from Zurich Airport to Lucerne by taxi

If taking the train is not really your style, you can take a taxi to Lucerne. Taxis are a more expensive option, costing about CHF 330 for a trip. You can easily spot an airport taxi to take you to your destination in Lucerne, as they are either black or white, with the TAXI sign on the roof of the cars. They’re always available, and the trip lasts for about 45 minutes if there’s no traffic. If you take a taxi from Zurich Airport to Lucerne, you can be assured of an extra convenience that trains may not provide. Note that extra or too much luggage may incur some additional fares.

Private transfers and private shuttle service from Zurich Airport to Lucerne

If privacy and convenience are really important to you, you may opt for private limousine service from Zurich Airport to Lucerne. It typically costs about CHF 440, but the price is nothing compared to the luxurious experience you enjoy. Private transfers or shuttle services are good options for travel parties (if you’re traveling in a group.) You can get your choice of vehicle, like buses or minivans. It’s also a good choice if you’re headed to Lucerne on a business trip or a getaway to a resort. The private transfer service drops you off directly at your destination without hassle.



Where to stay in Lucerne

Lucerne is a beautiful city in Switzerland with many amazing places to stay; it’s hard to choose. But, to help you narrow your search, some of our favorite recommendations include Alstadt, Old Town, a unique little area filled with history, and lots of architecture. You can lodge at the Barabas Luzern for a pleasant experience. Oberseeburg is also a sweet location for families holidaying at Lucerne. Its attractions include incredible views of the Lucerne River, Lakeside parks, beaches, and lots more. Gasthaus Badhof in the area makes for a family-friendly lodging too.

Where to eat in Lucerne

Lucerne is blessed with fine dining; so many restaurants and food places abound. Restaurant Sauvage is your go-to for well-prepared European delicacies. If you’re looking for something spicy and delicious, Indian Restaurant Luzern will wow your taste buds. Crazy Cactus is every Lucerne visitor’s favorite Mexican food place!

Events and festivals in Lucerne

Lucerne is home to some festivals and many events. If you want to come into town during any of these, here are some you can mark on your calendar: 

  • 18th December – Christmas in Lucerne
  • 21 December – New York Christmas
  • 6th January 2022 – Lilu Light Festival
  • 2nd April 2022 – Fumetto, International Comic Festival

Switzerland Travel Pass

Owning a Swiss Travel Pass allows you to tour Switzerland without restrictions as a visitor. It even allows you to enjoy discounts in public places like on trains, buses, and boat rides. You can waltz into over 500 museums in Switzerland for free once you have your Swiss Travel Pass. It’s cheap to purchase one, and it can last between 3 to 15 days, depending on the one you pay for.

Public transportation in Lucerne

Like many other places in Switzerland, trains and buses make up the most popular public transportation options in Lucerne. Of course, you can also take taxis, but they are more expensive than taking a train or bus. You can purchase tickets at ticket machines which you can find at almost every stop or online via a smartphone app called Fairtiq.

Best time to visit Lucerne

Summer is the best time to visit Lucerne. This falls between mid-June and mid-September and is warmer than the rest of the year. Many visitors like to come in during this period, and so tourist attractions are usually quite crowded. Spring (mid-March to mid-June) and Autumn (mid-September to mid-December, are also peaceful and more relaxed periods to visit.