Family Taxi Zurich Airport with Child Seats/Boosters

Air travel with children can have a variety of unique challenges, such as making sure you’ve packed everything they’ll need, keeping track of where they are as you navigate around the airport, and keeping them entertained during the flight.

In all the hustle and bustle of preparing for the trip, one child necessity is often forgotten about: car seats and booster seats. When you’re taking a plane, it’s easy to forget about preparing to ride in a car after you get off that plane. But of course, your child will still need the same protection riding in a car to or from Zurich airport as they would at home.

Even if you do remember, booster seats are bulky, inconvenient items to pack.

Keeping Your Child Safe

Traserbas provides you with safe, convenient, and comfortable Zurich airport transfer services. This is true for all of our passengers, both adults and children. If your child is:

  • An infant or toddler
  • Under 13 years old
  • Under 4 feet 9 inches in height

It’s likely they’ll need something more than a regular seat belt to keep them as safe as possible while in a car. No matter what age or size your child is, we have a booster seat for them.

With our wide selection of car sizes and models, we’re also sure to have something that can fit your family and their luggage. It’s almost impossible to “travel light” with kids along for the ride, and so hiring a taxi at the airport can be a gamble. There’s no guarantee that they’ll have room for you, your children, and all your things, not to mention unusual for them to have the appropriate booster seats available for your children.

With our family taxi Zurich Airport from Zurich Airport with child seats and boosters, you save time getting to and from the airport, knowing that we’ll have plenty of room and better safety measures for your children.

The Convenience of Taxi Travel with Children

With our experienced, knowledgeable drivers, we can help you make the most of your time in Zurich. Riding in our taxis offers lots of advantages over renting a car or van, beyond providing a booster seat for your children. We make it possible to:

  • Quickly get to and from different places, without worrying about waiting for and figuring out how to navigate public transportation or finding parking
  • Transport you and your family along with a stroller, or whatever else you need to bring along that day for your children
  • Avoid getting lost or being late to an appointment
  • Talk and enjoy your time with your family instead of having to drive yourself

We have long been the most trusted name in Zurich airport car services, and we’re ready to schedule your no obligation, no upfront payment appointment to pick you up at the airport.

Contact Traserbas Today for a Taxi With a Booster Seat

Show your kids the beauty and excitement of Zurich and let Traserbas handle the private transfer from Zurich airport. With our child booster seats available with taxi service, not only will getting to all the sights in the area be convenient, it will be safe.

From when you arrive to when you leave, if you need airport transportation, we can help. Contact us today via our form and reserve a taxi ahead of time to ensure the smoothest possible trip from airport to hotel room.