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Art Basel began at the very start of 70´s and has ever since sought to connect the very best galleries from around the world, and their corresponding patrons. It´s a meeting place where like minded individuals can discuss and appreciate the going ons in the world of art. From collectors, to directors to humble admirers it has something to offer anyone who finds art a worthwhile endeavor. For this reason today it has an attendance that approaches 100,000 admirers who can indulge in the work masters for six days.

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The bread and butter of this event is in respect to the Galleries sector which includes a wide array of mediums including, but not limited to, drawings, paintings, installations, photography, video, digital art and more. There´s something for everyone as 4,000 artists are trying to make their presence known and a lot of artists have used our excellent limousine service art Basel.

The Feature section is also quite popular as here you can find true master pieces worked on by established and historical artists. Here, there too is a wide array of projects to admire, including solo presentations, thematic exhibits where one is truly invited to contemplate the contexts of art, and juxtapositions where different works of art art displayed to encourage dialogue and reflection. This is a very diverse sections and promises to demonstrate the varying sensibilities of different culturas, time periods and artistic journeys or approaches.

Art Basel also encourages friendly competition as it does with solo projects as emerging artists can receive the prestigious Baloise Art Prize where works of art are fast tracked to significan and renown european art institutions.

Every year is different, and this rings particularly true when it comes to published works and prints that leading publishers provide. These are often quite rare and offer true art goers to appreciate rare and significan publications that would otherwise be extremely difficult to see in person. Art Basel also offers an amazing display of avant garde art magazines. Visitors should check out the calendar to be able to attend the scheduled presentations and lectures held by artists features in the invited art publications

A considerable portion of Art Basel is dedicated to platforms for newer forms of art and exhibition, such as large-scale installations, video projection and even live performances that can get quite interactive. This real world interaction extends to the very city of Basel in the so called Parcours sector where everything from performances to sculptures are presented in the real world, which is to say the neighborhoods of the city. This adds to the festive nature of Art Basel and encourages those who aren´t too familiar with modern or classic art to admire it with their friends and families.

Finally, film buffs will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most cut edging film works that include experimental works by renown artist-filmmakers. Over the years, Maxa Zoller, the film curator, has proven her experience in the field selecting sone of the most provocative film works by wold known filmmakers.

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