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5 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit in Switzerland in Spring

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The Most Beautiful Cities in Switzerland in Spring

Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon, a family holiday, or an adventurous ride through the mountainous routes, the springtime holiday in Switzerland has so much to offer its visitors.

Be it the pristine white snow-capped Alpine ranges, the picturesque flowerbeds, or the beautifully preserved architectural heritage, the country has a storehouse of sightseeing delights.

One of the greatest conveniences of traveling into the land of the Alps is the efficient transportation system. There are so many alternatives- private car service in Zurich, trains, night trains, cable cars, buses, etc.

In this article, we have enlisted the top 5 Swiss cities you should never miss visiting during your trip in spring/summer.

1. Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in the country and one of the major financial hubs in Europe. It is the best place to relish the cosmopolitan culture of the country. The city is a treasure of sophisticated lifestyle, nightlife extravaganza, luxurious shopping avenue for Swiss brands, cultural heritage to name only a few.

There is something for everyone in Zurich. The city has about 50 museums, historic churches, 100 art galleries, clubs, bars, bistros, and lots more. The perfect destination for sightseeing, refreshment, and fun.

Tour Highlights

  • The scenic beauty of Lake Zurich, the walkway, and the parkland
  • Bahnhofstrasse- the mile-long shopping promenade to find the best shops, boutiques for designer outfits, accessories, luxury items, and so much more
  • Zoo Zurich houses over 300 species and 2200 specimens. Don’t miss the penguin parade and a stroll through the elephant park.
  • Swiss national museum housed in the neo-Gothic fairytale castle designed by Gustav Gull

2. Lucerne

One of the prettiest cities on the planet, this beautiful place attracts thousands of visitors every year. The well-preserved aesthetic medieval city is located on the banks of Lake Lucerne, which is bounded by three gigantic mountains.

Tourists throng the place to explore the panoramic view of the Alps, the thrill of cableway ride across Mt. Pilatus, and the breath-taking lakeside boulevard.

Tour Highlights

  • Take snapshots of the iconic 14th century wooden-covered Chapel Bridge and the adjoining Water Tower with an octagonal roof
  • Lion Monument- the rock sculpture of a dying lion. It was constructed to honor the death of the valiant Swiss Guards during the French Revolution in 1792.
  • 30 minutes cableway ride from Kriens to Pilatus-Kulm to experience the magnificent views of the snow-covered Mt. Pilatus
  • Ride the paddle-wheel steamer from Lucerne to Fluelen
  • Visit the Swiss Transport Museum to view different forms of transportation exhibits
  • Museum Sammlung Rosengart is a place of interest for visitors passionate about Post-Impressionist art. The museum has a massive collection of works by 19th and 20th-century artists including Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Braque, Leger, Miro, and 125 paintings by Paul Klee.
  • Baroque-style Jesuit Church on the shores of Reuss

3. Interlaken

Interlaken is one of the best places in Switzerland for summer holidays and outdoor activities. This is the ideal place to visit for outdoor sports enthusiasts. There is so much to do- play tennis, try hands on a few shots at the golf club, go paragliding, and horse riding.

Tour Highlights

  • Idyllic views of the three famous Swiss Mountains- Monch, Jungfrau, and Eiger
  • Visit the Garden of Friendship where you can do hang gliding. This is the first Japanese garden in the country with several species of flowering plants.
  • Do not miss a trip to the Alpine garden in spring to explore over 600 flower plants growing at a high altitude
  • St. Beatus Cave is a beautiful place for steep climbing. The fascinating geological features of the place include cascading waterfalls, underground waterfalls, stalactites, stalagmites, mirror lakes, and lots more.
  • Unterseen is a beautiful village nestled at the foot of Mt. Harder with lush green lawns, a 15th-century parish church with a Gothic tower, and wooden chalets.
  • Ride the steam train via the Brienz-Rothorn steam rack railway route.

4. Basel

It takes only an hour to reach Basel from Zurich by private car. The second-largest city in the country is known for its cultural heritage. Nestled on the German-French border, the two parts of the city lying on either shore of River Rhine are joined by six bridges.

Tour Highlights

  • Start your journey from the Old Town where you will find so many places to visit including medieval churches, Mittlere Bridge, Theaterplatz, and many others.
  • Kunstmuseum (Museum of Art) is a heritage site housing French and Dutch paintings of renowned artists including Picasso, Van Gogh, Konrad Witz, Gauguin, Max Ernst, and many others.
  • If you are on a family tour, don’t miss your visit to Spielzeug Welten Museum (Toy Museum) that boasts a collection of over 6000 items including stuffed toys, carousels, dolls, dollhouses, miniature artifacts alongside 2500 teddy bear models.
  • Rathaus (Town Hall) is the Late Burgundian Gothic architecture building in vibrant red with a beautifully painted façade.

5. Bern

The picturesque capital city is bounded by the captivating beauty of the River Aare on three sides. The historical buildings and landmark tourist spots here are protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Do not miss to stroll along the quaint pedestrian cobbled streets, as you pass by the thatched-roof cottages and the lush greenery alongside the waterfront promenades.

The beautifully preserved medieval city has an exquisite historical background dating back to the 12th century.

Tour Highlights

  • The Einstein Museum and the Historical Museum of Bern together form the second largest Swiss museum. There are over half a million collectibles on show here. Be there to find specimens from the Stone Age through different eras. See Einstein’s Nobel Prize, items, letters, and demonstration of scientific work, films, and much more here.
  • Visit the Einstein Haus to view his personal belongings
    • Rosengarten or the Rose Garden Park has a collection of over 200 rose species, irises, and many other flowers.
  • 12th Century Zytglogge Clock Tower is located in Marktgasse in Old Town. It houses the oldest astronomical clock (installed in 1530) in the country. Be there to watch the mechanical figurines of the Knight, a Fool, a Piper, and The Rooster in action 3 minutes before the clock strikes an hour.
  • During a walk through the streets of the Old Town, you will find more than a hundred 16th Century Fountains with rock statues of Biblical scenes.
  • Tierpark Dahlholzli is one of the best places to find exotic, local, and farm animals living in a natural habitat. You can have a stroll to see the domesticated goats and horses, wild boars, wolves, leopards, reptiles, birds, and many others.
  • Berner Munster or the Gothic cathedral of St. Vincent is the largest medieval church in Switzerland
    Wrapping Up,
    No matter when you plan a holiday, Switzerland has so much to offer its tourists.

There are so many facilities to plan your journey. If you are new to the land of the Alps, there is a private car service in Zurich to take you anywhere as and when required. Apart from these, you can travel by train, cable car, or take a cruise journey.

Whether you want to stay in a luxury resort, soak in relaxation at a spa, or looking to have some adventure, there are endless possibilities here.