Private Transportation in Switzerland

Private Transportation Switzerland Services by Swiss Transfer Service is the option for all your private transport needs

Welcome to Switzerland! We’ve got exclusive and high class level private transportation in Switzerland with dynamic and hassle-free transport and transfer service from Zurich and Basel. Your destinations to any part of the city and neighbouring countries including all the ski guaranteed with our affordable and accessible transfer service.

There are convenient possibilities of transferring from both airports to the cities and as well as going to other cities or even other bordering countries which is made comfortable with our private transportation Switzerland services. Our transportation from Basel and transportation from Zurich transports you literally everywhere with elegant means to travel around the cities and neighbouring countries.

Basel being one of the biggest and most popular cities in Switzerland and while thinking on transporting around, you can count on us for reputable private transportation Switzerland service to and fro the airport coupled with our taxi Basel airport service. We offer exotic and luxury cars, exclusively reputable, friendly and discreet drivers for the transportation service and on top destinations as well as ski resorts to and from the cities and bordering countries and never providing dozens of cars right in front of the airport exit.


We ensure easy access to our relaxing and comfortable private transportation Switzerland, with one of the best service and not you only or just going across the borders. Whatever it took you coming around here to explore and enjoy the radiance of the beautiful country and cities, we have you to make the whole experience worthwhile and unforgettable. For state-of-the-art and secured transfer around and to your destinations with the best way possible, our transportation from Zurich and Basel service is just the best having fleets of minivans and minibuses to execute the transport service.


Mere or simple transportation from Zurich and Basel to and from your destinations will in no way define our transfer service but with reputable and top-on-the-line airport transfer service, taxi airport and car services Zurich and Basel with the use of our exotic, clean and luxury limousines. This is basically for everyone who loves a classy and prestigious transportation service in elegant style. Contrary to different notion, politicians, and business people or pop stars are not only or majorly our clients of interest. Our private transportation in Switzerland service is accessible to everyone and our clients get more than whatever they bargain for, giving our clients reputable and convenient transit to visit their various destinations. You will get high quality with considerable low price paid because our car service Zurich and Basel is fair and straightforward.

We also provide flexible means of payment for our transportation from Zurich or Basel which can be paid for by cash or even with credit card during the transfer service or in advance. It is also coupled with utmost freedom to choose your destination around the Swiss cities or the neighbouring countries. The comfort and exclusiveness attached to every of our transportation from Zurich and Basel service is ensured which is a major difference compared to lots of the taxi services.

If you are here in Zurich and/or Basel for either business meetings, private event or pleasure, you definitely need to find a way to get around the city(s) conveniently and reliably with so many wonderful sights to see and explore and that is why our private transportation in Switzerland service is guaranteed to offer these outstanding service smoothly.

We are staffed with professional, experienced and discreet drivers with extensive knowledge of the city and happy to offer information should you be interested.