Book a Taxi or a Private Transfer From Zurich Airport to St. Anton am Arlberg with Traserbas for €650

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Book a Traserbas airport taxi and let us pick you up in the arrival hall with your name board for the transfer from Zurich airport to St. Anton am Arlberg at a unbeatable fair price €650. It will take 2 hours and 20 minutes for the 200 kilometers from Zurich to St. Anton. Our price of €650 is fixed without any additional costs for max. 6 persons, and you can choose between a car or a passenger van with enough room for your skis, snowboards etc. Infant/ baby seat, child car seat and booster for free on request.

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Good to know about St. Anton am Arlberg

Sankt Anton am Arlberg is a small Austrian village popularly referred to as St Anton, am Amber. It is a ski resort also called the cradle of alpine skiing because of its role in inventing the sport. Hence being in this beautiful village with over 305km of marked ski slopes is a skiing wonderland.

You’ll make one of the best decisions when traveling to this part of the world for a vacation or just to unwind. You’ll need a transfer from Zurich airport to St. Anton am Arlberg with friendly drivers offering comfortable, conversational tones, vehicles with small children seats, the best pricing options, luggage assistance, private transfers, and an adorable vehicle provision suitable for your entire group.

Traserbas is a perfect fit for this experience. We offer private transfer services from Zurich airport to St. Anton am Arlberg. You can get picked up either at cruise ports or hotels at very affordable costs. Per way, using our luxurious limousine cruises goes for just €650.

The list includes Mercedes S class limousine, Mercedes V class van, Mercedes E class sedan car, and Mercedes Sprinter minibus. And you can make your payments as convenient for you, whether to pay directly to the driver or use your credit card.

So, Why St. Anton am Arlberg?

St Anton am Arlberg is famous as the cradle of skiing. It is the world’s most famous ski resort in the Alps, attracting expert world skiers and boarders. It links multiple villages and over 300km of pistes, countless fun parks like the highly-desired Stanton park, and a huge network of cable cars and modern lifts.

Though St. Anton am Arlberg is only a small town with less than 3000 inhabitants; however, it boasts unique recreational paradise features that make it stand out from other travel destinations. The village has maintained a charming and genuine ambiance for years, allowing you to relax and unwind at any period of the year! Here are more reasons to consider adding a transfer from Zurich airport to St. Anton am Arlberg

Why and how to travel from to St. Anton am Arlberg

1. St. Anton am Arlberg Fascinating Vicinity

After enjoying a Traserbas taxi from Zurich airport to St. Anton am Arlberg, you’ll enjoy one of the world’s most fascinating atmospheres, which is a fantastic experience for people of diverse races, cultures, and ages at the destination. The amazing architecture like the old wooden houses and former train station, children’s facilities, incredible live music, and fine dining experiences at some of the local bars after a long hiking session, are things to find out. Their impressive food choices are also things to look out for. They have traditional cuisine being delivered with a modern-day twist. St. Anton is a lovely place during winter. Its winter-time après ski gathering of life and party is something travelers are constantly looking out for. 

2. Super-Friendly Austrians

The Austrians are known for their high-level kindness and hospitality. The Austrians see tourism as a very important activity, and it, in fact, plays a huge role in their economic growth. This is not far from their attitude of being highly receptive to tourists and handing out the most memorable traveling experience on every visit. Austrians love to celebrate life, savor good wine, enjoy good food, and honor their centuries-old traditions. Every region owns its special local cuisine, creating the kind of homey atmosphere that makes patrons spend hours in the Austrian’s coffee and cozy restaurants

3. Austrian Artisans

The Austrian people pride themselves on preserving the traditions in their arts, handcraft, designs, architecture, and food. Visiting St. Anton am Arlberg will allow you to meet artisans who love bringing together Austria’s rich cultural heritage through their amazingly crafted culinary specialties and beautiful wood-paneled houses, among others. You’ll specifically learn so much about their rich culture by meeting people behind the staples of Austrian life that have stayed hundreds of years without going into extinction.

4. Magnificent Accommodation Options

Being in St Anton offers you some of the best accommodation options. From luxurious five-star hotels to charming bed and breakfasts to traditional and modern Austrian style—-the cities have it all! 

The countryside has mountain huts for hikers, resort-style hotels, historic inns, and farms welcoming travelers and guaranteeing even their families a wonderful local experience. St Anton hotels include Hotel Das Sonnbichi, Chalet Schnee am Arlberg, Exclusive Antemis Apartment, Galzig Lodge, Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, and Hotel Das Sonnbichi, which offers you great mountain sightings and viewing of the surroundings. Depending on your budget, you’ll find a perfect option that suits your choice.

5. Yoga Classes in the Mountains

Have you ever experienced having a yoga class in the mountains? Well, a time to transfer from Zurich airport to St. Anton am Arlbergout will allow you to recharge and enjoy sports uniquely. People go to the mountains every day for yoga classes. Especially at Arlflow—directly located in the front of the ski slopes and has huge windows that offer excellent sightings of the slopes, mountains, and forests. There is also the yoga festival held every weekend in September, yearly. It is an experienced yoga, and nature lovers will never want to miss it. Usually, when the weather is favorable, organizers move the yoga classes outside. So having a relaxing yoga flow in the open air on the mountains will be a great option to stretch your muscle and relax, especially after rigorous hiking and biking.

6. Golf On The Slopes and Pool With Mountain Views

The ski slopes are transformed into golf courses during summer. Go golfing if you need other options aside from hiking and biking. Outgoers will see it as an added fun experience. This period is often also favorable for people who want a pool experience with aesthetic mountain views. And after a long day hiking and biking, getting in a scenic pool and having the mountain experience at the same time is a great way to cool down.

Check in the fantastic pool spot at the Arlberg Wellcom wellness center. You may also want to consider an indoor pool with a jacuzzi spot. The experience is totally out of this world! You’ll enjoy every bit of the moment. 


How to Get to St. Anton am Arlberg From Zurich Airport

If you are considering holidaying in St. Anton, several options are open—depending on where you are coming from. You can travel through Zurich airport and other international airports and get vehicle transfers to St. Anton from 60 to 120 minutes.

St Anton Am Arlberg Travel By Car

Taxi from Zurich airport to St. Anton am Arlberg is about 200 km and offers the most extensive flight time and transfer by rail and road. It takes approximately 2 hours by road with a beautiful transfer experience if you are moving in the most comfortable car hire options like what we are committed to delivering.

Traserbas offers high-end and very affordable VIP cars for executive transfers whether you are moving from the airport to the travel destination or from St Anton to the airport. And booking is quite easy. It would help us make the best car option available to meet your needs while you move to your destination.

St Anton Am Arlberg Travel By Train

St. Anton boasts reliable train connections that can be accessed from the village center within 5 minute’s walk. On a direct trip, the train would need about 2 hours and 40 minutes to arrive at St. Anton from Zurich airport. It may also run up to 4 hours. There are options to consider if you also want to use a taxi to the train station.

When is The Best Time To Visit St Anton Am Arlberg?

St. Anton am Arlberg offers something impressive and unique to every visitor all year round. Many travelers opt for the springtime, especially in March when it is believed the weather is perfect compared to other times in the year. During this period, flights and accommodation prices also drop. And if you book well enough beforehand, you’ll enjoy a good reduction in the prices. However, note that the season in this part of the world may differ slightly from your location.

During summer, there is about 19℃ (66℉), and around January, during winter, it can drop to -17℃ (1℉). May has the highest rainy days, and February often experiences the lowest. Usually, July offers the longest days between sun up and sun down. As a village in the Northern Hemisphere, springtime falls from March to May, and summer begins in June and runs through to August. Autumn/fall runs from September to November, while winter runs from December to January.

In essence, this amazing travel option has a lot to offer all through the year. Being in the mountains doesn’t mean the weather is always cold. In fact, during summer, the temperature can rise to 22°C and even 30°C on some particularly warm days. So, don’t hesitate to equip yourself with sunscreen and more options to cover yourself or undress, depending on the time of the year you are traveling.