High-Rated Luxury Limousine Service in Zurich

Traserbas provides the facility to book luxury limousine service in Zurich round the clock and for as long as you want.

Our luxury chauffeur service is perfect for personal requirements such as weddings, roadshows, day trips, prom, and tours. You can even book your ride with us for business and corporate meetings. 

What makes Traserbas stand out is the VIP chauffeur-driven limousines’ variety. We have different vehicles for different occasions perfectly fitting your financial budget. 

Besides that, every driver is highly professional who is instructed to drive as directed by you. So, you will have your journey your way with comfort and safety.

If you think our service is the best for you, reach us at +41 78 861 35 50 to let us know your requirements and make the booking.

Luxury Chauffeur Service in Zurich for all Occasions

As we mentioned above, you can book us for whatever need you have!

Besides that, there is an option to do full day hire or hourly rental. So, you can choose the period as per your financial budget and how long you need the limo.

Luxury Limousine Service in Zurich for Weddings and Prom Nights

Our luxury limos will indeed highlight your presence when you go to roadshows, weddings, and prom nights. As you walk out of the limo, all eyes will be on you, justifying your charm. 

Luxury Chauffeur Service in Zurich for Business Executives and Corporate Personnel

When VIP business executives and corporate personnel attend a meeting, it matters how they make the entry. If you want to leave a long-lasting impression, choosing high-rated limos is a good option. Moreover, we also provide a private shuttle service for corporates. 

Book us for day trips and tours for sightseeing

Whether you are with a group or your family, day trips and tours become awesome when the journey is comfortable. Depending on your requirements and number of passengers, you can select the limo out of these — Mercedes S Class, Mercedes V Class, Mercedes E Class, Mercedes Sprinter.

Airport transfer from Private Jet to Hotels and Ski Resorts 

You can hire a private limo with us for an airport transfer from a private jet to anywhere in Zurich. Our driver with the drop you and your group at hotels or ski resorts or direct transportation to other events. 

Why Choose Traserbas for VIP Limousine Service in Zurich?

  • Traserbas offers chauffeured limousines that are available on call and always ready at your disposal. 
  • Our chauffeur-driven limos are regularly serviced and maintain the utmost hygiene. 
  • We also offer shuttle transportation services whenever clients require them.
  • Our service is highly reputed not only in Zurich but in entire Switzerland. 

Luxury Chauffeur Service in Zurich- Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the limousine models Traserbas offers for luxury limousine service in Zurich?

Please check the below-mentioned models and the number of passengers they can accommodate:

Car Models Number of passengers it can accommodate 
Mercedes S Class 3 passengers
Mercedes V Class Up to 7 passengers
Mercedes E Class 3 passengers
Mercedes Sprinter 8 or 9 passengers


How to book a limousine instantly?

If you want to book your ride immediately, call us at provided number: +41 78 861 35 50. You can also reach us via WhatsApp.

What if I have a change in plan or require rescheduling? 

If you have any change in plan or require rescheduling, let us know 24 hours ago. However, changes in the pickup and drop times are subject to availability.