Get Exceptional Limousine Service From Zurich Airport to City Centre

In Zurich, you may find numerous limousine services from Zurich Airport to the city center and other parts of the city. However, are they as good as Traserbas? We don’t think so!

Traserbas is committed to providing first-class chauffeur service to clients:

  • We are always on time and available on call.
  • Our every driver is trained to provide you with a smooth journey.
  • We have budget-friendly options at a fixed price CHF 120.
  • We provide luggage assistance from pick up in the arrivals halls to your limo.

The best part of our service is you get various options with us, such as Mercedes S class, Mercedes E Class, Mercedes V Class, and Mercedes Sprinter Minibus.

So, you can choose the one that fits your budget and requirements. The options are perfect for business executives, families, and groups. 

If you want to make the booking right now, we are just a call away — +41 78 861 35 50. You can let our executives know when you need to chauffeur service from downtown or anywhere else in Zurich.

They will book the slot for you, and the limo will arrive at the airport even before the flight lands.

Business Class Chauffeur Service From Zurich Airport to City Centre 

When you are a corporate executive looking for business-class experience, Traserbas is the right choice. We always value your time and never get late. 

Moreover, our highly-polished and well-maintenance limousines will ensure that you have an eye-catching entrance when you go for your meetings and conferences. 

Besides that, the interior is cozy, offers comfortable sitting, and has a minibar. So, the journey with us from Zurich Airport to your hotel, private conference, or anywhere in Switzerland is going to be extraordinarily relaxing.


Choose Between Hourly Rental or Full-Day Hire

We are always flexible in providing limousine service from Zurich airport to the city centre and downtown. That’s one of the most considerable advantages that of hiring Traserbas limos. 

You can either book it on an hourly basis. That’s a cost-effective way when you only need the limo for airport transfer to one place. 

However, when you have to go to multiple places or want a ride for day trips, there is an option for a full-day rental. That would be better rather than making other bookings from one place to another. This not only helps you to save the cost but also makes things easier for you. 

For all our hourly and full-day bookings, we allow payment through credit card and other payment methods too.

List of Limos Available for Chauffeur Service from Zurich Airport to Downtown

With Traserbas, you get a variety of limo models. The best part is we have different options based on the budget and number of passengers clients wish to accommodate in the limos.

Car Models Number of passengers it can accommodate 
Mercedes S Class 3 passengers
Mercedes V Class Up to 7 passengers
Mercedes E Class 3 passengers
Mercedes Sprinter 8 or 9 passengers